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Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Last Polka Ice-cream at The Bee Cafe, Jaya One

Bored with the normal ice-cream flavours? Vanilla is so yesterday, fed up with strawberry and just not in the mood for chocolate. Well, I found just the right place or I meant ice-cream to look for a new excitement in the taste of this cooling dessert. The Last Polka.

Last year joining a food crawl with Nuffnang Glitterati Plus members at Jaya One, our last stop is The Bee Cafe. We come not for food but for The Last Polka ice-cream which is sold here on a consignment basis. Online order is still available at the current moment but I read on The Star Sunday Metro that the ice-cream makers might stop online ordering and focus to partner with cafes and restaurants.

Made with 100% natural ingredients, The Last Polka is a French style ice-cream that is quite different from Italian ice-cream that we called gelato. Lee Ee Vee and Tee May Yee added a few twist in making the ice-cream by introducing some unique and local flavours.

One of the favourite is the Teh Tarik ice-cream. Yes, you read that right. Teh tarik. If you feel like having teh tarik in solid form, this one is a must try. Rich in tea and milk. It's even better than drinking teh tarik in a mamak stall.

Teh Tarik ice-cream

My favourite is of course their Guinness ice-cream. Yes, made from Guinness stout. I tasted two cups that day if I remember correctly. Don't worry, I think you won't get drunk by eating too much Guinness ice-cream :p

Guinness ice-cream.

If you think Guinness ice-cream is weird, then wait till you taste Chocolate Five Spice ice-cream. Made with Chinese cinnamon, cloves, and star anise are just some of the spices we use, along with a generous handful of roasted almonds for a balanced finish. Basically it's what we called 五香粉 in Chinese.

Chocolate Five Spice

If you are a fan of Nutella, then you'll be happy to know that there's a Nutella ice-cream.

Nutella ice-cream.

Horlicks seems to be a popular flavour used to make ice-cream. I tried Horlicks gelato before in Singapore. The Last Polka's version has more milk in it.

Horlicks ice-cream.

For the list of flavours available, you can check out The Last Polka website.

By the way, a few days ago while I was surfing YouTube I bumped into this video about sighting of mysterious item on a hill top at Ulu Yam. I watched the video and I saw something symbol like a star. Also, when the camera zoom out, I thought I saw something moved in that direction. Try watching it to see if you can see anything out of the ordinary.

Doing a bit of googling, I found a picture about this mysterious item that is near the hill top but the mysterious thing is that this star like symbol is now on the ground. Is it real?

Okay. Mystery aside, you can by The Bee Cafe in Jaya One to try out a scoop or two of this wonderful tasting ice-cream. You can also find The Last Polka ice-cream at Marmalade, Bangsar Village II.


The Bee
K-2A-G, Block K. Jaya One
No. 72A, Jalan Universiti
46200 Petaling Jaya
Selangor Darul Ehsan.
Tel: (+603) 7960 2160

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ai wei said...

ice cream! thanks for the infor. will go check it out :)

Simon Seow said...

ai wei: haha, ice-cream lover huh