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Monday, January 24, 2011

Joez Coconut, KL Sentral, Kuala Lumpur

Alright, Penang famous Joez Coconut Jelly is now avaiable in Kuala Lumpur. We KLians don't have to drive all the way up north to have a taste of it's silky smooth coconut jelly. Doing in in kiosk style, Joez Coconut Jelly first branch outside Penang is in KL Sentral, opposite CIMB Bank and in front of Chicken Rice Shop, near the departure side.

What's so special about coconut jelly, you asked? Well, first of all it's not you agar-agar type coconut jelly. It's all naturally created through the process of heating, freezing and chilling a whole coconut. Heating is to caramelized the natural sugar in the coconut to make it sweeter, freezing is turn the juice into solid form, and last but not least, chilling is to turn the solid into a semi-solid jelly like form. Nothing is added to the coconut during the process. Voila, there you have it, Joez Coconut Jelly. For more of the info, visit their website here.

Joez Coconut Jelly (RM 4.70)

I scooped out the coconut jelly and put in my mouth. Oh my, it's so silky smooth and melted in my mouth leaving the natural sweetness from the coconut juice and the very nice pandan like aroma. Joel the owner of Joez Coconut assured me that it's the natural aroma from the coconut, no pandan leaves were added.

This is the first time I ever tasted something like this. A jelly that is form entirely using a whole coconut itself. Remember to eat the coconut meat too after scooping out all the jelly. The meat is smooth and tasty.

I also tried their Coconut Shake (RM 3.50) which is currently only available in the kiosk in KL Sentral. Blending the coconut juice, coconut meat, and evaporated milk, then top it with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream. It's a very rich and flavourful taste in coconut. I found it to be a bit too sweet for my liking. Joel then told me that sugar syrup was added because of the milk. He told me, next time I can asked for less sugar. Maybe I'll try no sugar next time lol.

If you don't fancy jelly or shake, you can opt of the Pandan Coconut Juice. It's the coconut juice with pandan like aroma. I didn't try it though, I was already quite full.

Do drop by for heat killing coconut jelly/juice/shake here. One can stop by the departure side and walk in to tapao but be sure there's someone in the car because it's a no parking zone. KTM Commuter and LRT also can reach here.


Joez Coconut Kiosk
KL Sentral Level 1 (Departure side)
Opposite CIMB Bank and in front of The Chicken Rice Shop.

Main HQ:
201, Jalan Dato Kramat
10150, Penang, Malaysia

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ai wei said...

yay, no need to dream of alr when craving for it

mknace unlimited said...

:) :) :)

singgah dari mknace unlimited

Simon Seow said...

Ivy: yeah! I can take KTM there just for coconut jelly lol

Mknace: hello

Jason Wong said...


Good day. On behalf of Joel, we would like thank or dropping by at Joez’s new kiosk in KL Sentral last Saturday.

Simon Seow said...

Most welcome, Jason.

Alicia Leong said...

RM4 for 1 Coconut Jelly + 1 Coconut Shake at JOEZ COCONUT @

Nikel Khor said...

try edy.. very nice.. ice cold

Simon Seow said...

Alicia: Thanks for the info

Nikel: very nice right