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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Tickling My Tastebuds

Kolo mee, the famous noodle from Kuching, Sarawak. One can get it almost in any eatery is Kuching, it's not too far fetch if I say that it is a staple food in Kuching. The name Kolo mee is actually the style of cooking and not the type of noodle used in it. The noodle used is usually "Q-mee" which is the thin noodle. One can choose to have a wider version called "mee bok".

Trusted a Kuching local friend to bring me to Sin Lian Shin, one of the oldest restaurant specializing in serving kolo mee. He told me it's been two generations and the 3rd generation will be taking over. There's two version of kolo mee. One white and the other is red. The only different is that the red is mixed with char siew sauce (BBQ pork). The noodle "Q-mee" got it's name because the thin noodle is very springy. True enough when I bit into the Q-mee it is indeed very springy. The savoury sauce that is mixed with the Q-mee goes very well. As for the red version, the char siew sauce has a subtle sweetness to it. Personally I prefer the white and my local Kuching friend likes the red. Both are equally good, it's just taste of personally preferences. Although, the serving is simple with only minced pork and char siew but once you've tasted it you won't get enough of it. If you ever go to Kuching, kolo mee is a must. Although, people from Sibu might not agree with me. ;)