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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Tiger Asian Music Festival 2012

I know I'm quite late in posting about this great concert that was attended by a 40,000 strong audience. Luckily I got to be in the VIP area thanks to Tiger and found some place to sit and breath easy. The best part is of course the free flow of Tiger beer all night long.

I was dressed for the occasion as in beach wear. So, a Hawaiian shirt will be very suitable. I had a bit of wardrobe change there because I got to get a LANSI T-shirt. So, I wore it on the spot.

Met Kate and Shannon.


Emily was my guest that night.

The concert opens with Beyond in the first performance. Brought me back to my primary school years.

Video here is Beyond's Wong Ka Keung and Paul Wong singing one of their hit song back in the 80s, "喜欢你". For more videos from Tiger AMF 2012, subscribe to my YouTube Channel.

Paul took off his shirt when it's time for his solo act.


He sang "Can't Bring Me Down" during his solo act.

It was a fun yet hot concert. Lucky the rain never did come down even though the sky is showing signs. Looking forward to another Tiger Asian Music Festival next year.


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