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Monday, May 21, 2012

Cuervo Reloaded Party

How many of you know that Tequila is named Tequila because it's named after the Tequila volcano made in Tequila Town in Mexico? It was made from plant only found in Tequila Town. I didn't know that until last Thursday after I went to "Cuervo Reloaded Party".

From left: MR SOREN RAVN (Managing Director of Carlsberg Brewery Malaysia Berhad), DATO' LIM SAY CHONG (Chairman of Carlsberg Malaysia), MR RAJIV GHUMMAN (Senior Commercial Manager of José Cuervo International South East Asia), DATUK MIKE KRISHNAN (Director of Carlsberg Malaysia), MR. LEW YOONG FAH (Chief Financial Officer of Carlsberg Malaysia) and MR KENNETH SOH (General Manager of Luen Heng F&B)

Jose Cuervo is not your normal Tequila but a premium Tequila to be exact. It boast the name "World Number One Vintage Tequila". The first time I know about Tequila was watching TV when one of the character on the series I was watching ordered Tequila pop. Only when I was at a legal age of drinking that I know Tequila pop is mixing lemonade soda with a shot of Tequila. Before downing the shot, one have to lightly slam the glass covered with a paper, making a pop effect. Hence the name Tequila pop.

That night during the party, there are no Tequila pop to be found but more variety of cocktails made using Jose Cuervo Tequila. There's mix of ice-blended Tequila with Kiwi, Raspberry, Original, and Curacao. Honestly, I found the Kiwi and Curacao mix a bit too sweet for my liking. The raspberry is very easy to drink and tasty too. I don't understand why a sweet mix needs sugar around the glass, it made it even sweeter.

For me, the best way I like my Tequila is to serve it in shot, with salt around the glass mouth. One gulp of the fiery Tequila, suck the lime dry after that. Ah, it's like a liquor orgasm and a vintage Tequila like Jose Cuervo does make the different.

It's great to enjoy the Tequila shots with friends around. I already had two shots before I bumped into Shawn "The Beat Boxer" Lee and his manager Diana. There we ordered another four shots. OMG.

Louise happened to be working on the event that night and her Bulgarian friends were there. By the way, Shawn told me the world no. 1 beat boxer is from Bulgaria and world no. 4 is from Malaysia, which is himself, LOL. Such a coincidence.

Sam was there too and dressed very casually.

I camwhored with one of the Jose Cuervo girl there. Her name is Rebecca.

Big surprise of the night is the performance by Shawn Lee and ......Mr. Soren Ravn the Managing Director of Carlsberg. What did they do that wow the crowds there? Watch the video and find out.