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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

House of Tang at One Bangsar

One Bangsar has many restaurants that serves cuisine from different countries. It's like an International affair there. Honestly, I haven't been to One Bangsar even though I drove passed it quite a few times when I passed through Bangsar. Alas, last Wednesday I finally have a chance to dine in one of the restaurant there.

House of Tang, I've read a lot about this Chinese restaurant that serves up some very nice dim sum but I was there last Wednesday for a meal of dinner. Jason, Ai Wei, Christine, Chris, me and three other friends gathered to celebrate Lex's shifting to Singapore without Lex being there. Nah, just kidding, it was just a gathering of us foodies for a makan.

We started off with Braised Seafood in Scallop and Shark’s Fin Soup (瑶柱海味烩鱼翅). With all those ingredients, this is one very rich shark's fin soup. While it tasted not too bad but I still prefer shark's fin soup with clear broth and cooked with Yuen Nam ham.

Braised Seafood in Scallop and Shark’s Fin Soup (瑶柱海味烩鱼翅).

Continue on, we have a little bit for appetizer from the dim sum menu. Unagi Puff with BBQ Sauce (烧汁鳗鱼酥) is one of it's kind of dim sum that I had. The skin is very crispy and the unagi is very easy to bite and juicy too. It's a very interesting and nice dim sum.

Unagi Puff with BBQ Sauce (烧汁鳗鱼酥).

Assam ‘Tom Yam’ Garoupa Fish (亞參冬炎石斑魚) is up next. I must say even though the fish is cooked a little bit too long but the assam 'Tom Yam' sauce saves the day. The sauce goes very well with the fish. I especially like the part where the fish meat has a little bit of fish oil. Nice.

Assam ‘Tom Yam’ Garoupa Fish (亞參冬炎石斑魚)

One of my favourite dish of the night is the Braised Pig Trotter (红烧元蹄). Okaylah, I'm always bias towards pork but this pig trotter is really cooked al dente. While the the meat is tender there's still some chewy collagen beneath the skin. I can taste premium soya sauce was added in the sauce. I ate a lot of this pig trotter even though there are still a few dishes on the way.

Braised Pig Trotter (红烧元蹄).The appearance is so nice.

OMG. Can you see the collagen. LOL.

Let's have some internal organ after we had the trotter. So, Stir Fried Pork Belly with Preserved Vegetables (咸菜炒猪肚) is what we had next. I like that the pork belly is cooked right with the springiness and chewiness still intact but not to hard to chew. I have to say the chef did some steps to treat the preserved vegetables making it not overwhelmingly salty. Just the right saltiness. Thumbs up.

Stir Fried Pork Belly with Preserved Vegetables (咸菜炒猪肚)

Okay. That's quite enough of meat already. Let's have some vegetable to balance up the meal. Shen Jiang Homemade Bean Curd (申江自制豆腐) is just what we needed. Look at the gravy, if not because I was alredy 2/3 full, I will order a bowl of white rice and pour the gravy all over the rice. The homemade bean curd is quite rich with soya bean taste, lightly fried on the outer later yet the inside is still very smooth and soft. I regretted of not ordering the rice now T_T.

Shen Jiang Homemade Bean Curd (申江自制豆腐)

Imagine the soft and smooth tofu with rice.

Let's have more greens. Pigweed Simmered with Whitebait and Wolfberry (银鱼杞子灼苋菜). I can say that this dish is very good for the eyes because there's Wolfberry in it. Very nice vege dish.

Well, lucky I didn't order the rice because the last dish is Fried Yee Mee with Diced Prawns (虾茸干烧伊面). I like the yee mee because it's not soggy, just the right texture yet it has absorbed the sauce. Now I'm really glad I didn't order rice. I also sapu most of the kai lan at the side :p

Fried Yee Mee with Diced Prawns (虾茸干烧伊面)

It's time for dessert. We ordered Herbal Jelly with Water Chestnut and Ginseng Roots (参须龟苓膏炖马蹄) to wash down our meal. The taste of ginseng roots is quite strong but I like it. A good dessert to takes of the heat of having to work night shift for me.

Herbal Jelly with Water Chestnut and Ginseng Roots (参须龟苓膏炖马蹄)

Overall the dinner at House of Tang is very pleasant and the food there is very good. By the way, no MSG is used in preparing the dishes here in House of Tang.


House of Tang
One Bangsar
No. 63B, Jalan Ara, bangsar Baru, 59100 kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 603 2282 1111 │ Email:
Click here for map.


jfook said...

I want the desserts..LOL

Biopolymath said...

You mentioned collagen in the cooked meat but I can't really tell where it is. Is it some kind of string structure on the meat?

Simon Seow said...

jfook: only desserts?

Biopolymath: Haha, it's an inside joke.

ai wei said...

hoho, i posted first :P

Simon Seow said...

ai wei: I scheduled it to be up at 11 am :p

ws said...

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I find that your blog is interesting. Is it possible for zsys to repost your articles?
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C.ling said...

May i know what is the price range? Thanks

Simon Seow said...

ws: replied u in email

C.ling: There's a few dinner set from RM 500 to RM 1000 also got. Ala carte is from RM 15 to RM 100 per dish, depending on what dish.