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Friday, May 14, 2010

Launch of Delicious Times & D'Lish New Menu!

Last week I got the invitation to the Launch of Delicious Times & D'Lish New Menu! from Jason that is extending the invitation to his flogger friends. As usual I always be on time to any event except when I have to work late. I reached D'Lish, Bangsar Village almost 7pm sharp. Bumped into Mike Yip in the car park. Registered myself and got a copy of the 1st edition of Delicious Times and a sticker to put my name on.

Yes. I'm Simon and I am delicious.

After a while two popular floggers that I know showed up. WMW and Meena. Delicious Times is the in house magazine by the Delicious Group which owns and manages Delicious and D'Lish restaurants and cafes. That night was also the launching of D'Lish new menu and we of course get to sample some of the new items in store.

The pastries in D'Lish are so tempting.

I also forwarded the invitation to Coco whom in turn brought Maggie and Jack to the even.

These are the salads that will be on the new menu in D'Lish. I managed to try Grilled Seafood Salad With Glass Noodle. It's a bit of a Thai style kind of salad. The sourish taste on the glass noodle tasted like lime. A very appetizing salad.

The Salads available in the new menu.

Grilled Seafood Salad With Glass Noodle.

Mushroom Salad.

Next up, we saw a lot of the staff there moving around with spoons on a tray. They are serving variety of Canapés. I managed to taste all the Canapés. Some hits and misses though.

Spoonfuls of Smoked Salmon On Rösti. The smoked salmon is very nice but I found the Rösti a bit too dry for my liking. Maybe it will be better on a normal day where there's no rushing in orders. It was a full house that night with so many guests. Even WMW that doesn't quite like seafood down a spoonful of this, so the smoked salmon must be very good.

Spoonfuls of Smoked Salmon On Rösti.

Nothing new about the Spoonfuls of Char-grilled Baby Octopus with Harissa. It's quite a normal dish that one can find anywhere.

Spoonfuls of Char-grilled Baby Octopus

I like the Spoonfuls of Vietnamese Spring Roll. Very refreshing. The taste is not overwhelmed because the fish sauce used is just nice to lighten up the rather bland ingredient in the spring roll.

Spoonfuls of Vietnamese Spring Roll.

The tomato soup in the Tomato Soup with Grilled Cheese Sandwich is my kind of tomato soup which is not too sourish. I remembered I had tomato soup in a Spanish restaurant during my visit to London a few years ago that it was so sourish and all the other dishes also has tomato, I almost puke from the over sourness. Dip the grilled cheese sandwich in the tomato soup and you'll get a new whole taste.

Tomato Soup with Grilled Cheese Sandwich

First, I'm not too sure whether this is Peking Duck Roll because the taste is quite forgettable for me. Mike Yip seems to like it very much. He didn't eat the other Canapés at all but he took like 3 or 4 of this Peking Duck Roll.

Peking Duck Roll.

The Skewers of Haloumi & Watermelon Salad is kind of a weird tasting Canapé for me. Imagine eating a marinated watermelon with cheddar cheese. Maybe it's just me that can't accept new combination of things. The Prawn Cocktail on Baby Romaine is something that I can relate to. Fresh shrimp and fresh lettuce. A nice match match.

Skewers of Haloumi & Watermelon Salad and Prawn Cocktail on Baby Romaine.

Woah. That was quite a lot of food and that's only half of it. Now we take a break and talk a bit about football (soccer for you Americans out there). The Barclay Premier League just ended and The Blue (Chelsea) was crown the winner. Such a coincident that it's the same colour as Celcom Blue Bear.

Cute right the Celcom Blue Bear.

After BPL just ended for the 2009/2010 season, the next big or I dare say the biggest event in football will be South Africa World Cup 2010 this coming June. I'll be supporting Bearmany (Germany for those of you that is still guessing :p). The coach of Bearmany, Joachim Low provisionally will be fielding stars like midfielder Michael Ballack (whom coincidentally is playing for Chelsea in BPL) and striker Miroslav Klose of Bayern Munich. Almost half of the Bearmany team made up of Bayern Munich that beat *ahem* Manchester United and made it in to the Champions League final.

Look like Bearmany this time has quite a strong team. So excited. Oh, by the way if you want to download wallpaper or the Bearigamy of the Blue Bear, you can click here to choose your free download or if you are a Celcom subscriber, you can dial *118# for more mobile wallpapers, games and ring tones.

Okay. Let's get back to the food from D'Lish. Moving outside, I found the grilling station. Guess what's cooking?

My favourite of the night is of course the Grilled NY Strip. Grilled to perfection in medium-rare doneness. Look at the nice pinkish colour (I swear I didn't photoshop the picture, I don't know how to use PS). A piece or two of the NY Strip is nice but too much and it'll be quite jelak. Unless if it's cooked to medium-well then I can take more :p

Grilled NY Strip

The Chicken Hot Dog is very nice too. It's quite big too, you know. With English Mustard, tomato sauce and onion, also the sesame bun that is very good. It's a very nice snack.

Chicken Hot Dog

It's so big that it can fit in my mouth.

There's also the Mini Beef Burger and Mini Turkey Burger. Personally, I prefer the Mini Beef Burger which is juicier than the Mini Turkey Burger that is quite dry.

Mini Beef Burger and Mini Turkey Burger.

On the sandwiches side, there's two new addition to the already many variety of sandwiches in the D'lish menu. These two are not your normal sandwich. The two sandwiches immediately become my favourite sandwiches. Why? Because you don't find too many cafe using Ox Tongue and Salt Beef to make sandwich. Top with pickle and hot English Mustard, what more would I ask for?

Ox Tongue, my favourite.

Open Face Salt Beef and Open Face Ox Tongue On Wholemeal Bread.

Two new pasta that can be found in the menu are the Corn Beef Spaghetti with Thai Basil and Crab Puttanesca with Penne. WMW finds the Corn Beef Spaghetti quite oily but it's quite alright for me. That is why food is quite a personal liking, each of us have different likes and dislikes. The Crab Puttanesca with Penne is quite good too, not like the normal pasta sauce that use tomato.

Corn Beef Spaghetti with Thai Basil.

Crab Puttanesca with Penne

All the nice dishes were then balance up with some nice cupcakes. I am not a fan of cupcakes but the one in D'Lish is not too sweet which is my cup of cake (pardon my lame pun).

During the launch event, we were entertained by Adibah Noor. Not only she can act, this woman can really sings too. Such a powerful singing. Go and support her new album. Take a listen to one of her single, Terlalu Istimewa, really nice. Maybe I should borrow the album from WMW. She bought it on that night.

The entertaining Adibah Noor.

There's also a comedy sketch on the current By-election phenomena.

Edwin Leong is one of the comedian in the sketch.

It was such a nice event. Nice food. Nice song. Nice friends. Nice drinks (Carbonated Fruit Punch ^_^). After a fulfilling (my stomach that is) night, I made my way to Mid Valley to catch Iron Man 2 which is a nice movie. Such a satisfying night for me.


ClumSy Chic said...

Oh gosh!! The foods are making me crazy~~

ai wei said...

sad... i missed it out. that day not able to turn up ><

wen pink said...

hahaha are u delicious? :P

Simon Seow said...

Clumsy Chic: haha, why crazy? shouldn't it make you hungry instead?

Ivy: yes, I am sad too that you're not here T_T. See you on Wednesday.

Wen Pink: Well, I tasted kind of salty if I didn't shower. :p

Ciki said...

the grilled NY steak looks awesome. I like it more red even! LOL

jason said...

Good that you enjoy yourself at the event.

Simon Seow said...

Cumi & Ciki: might as well have it raw lol

Jason: yeah, thanks for informing me about this