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Friday, May 21, 2010

TenSho (天勝日本料理) Japanese Restaurant, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

Simon Says: I don't like to drive to the Golden Triangle. Traffic is one thing and another thing is the parking rates there is charged per hour. Good thing now there's to refer to, so that I can really compared the rates and find the best parking spot at different time in the Golden Triangle.

Okay. Time to back track a bit to last year December on my Hong Kong trip. On the 10th day in Hong Kong, I met up with Jane in Mongkok with her friend from Malaysia whom is visiting Hong Kong too. We went to the Lucky Dessert (發記甜品) outlet in Mongkok (I just tried their dessert a night before in their HQ in Sham Tseng).

We passed by this popular street snacks shop in Mongkok. Me and Jane's friend just can resists. I bought smelly tofu and he bought squid tentacles.

Oh my, I miss the fried pork intestines.

It's making me hungry writing this post.

After that, Jane's friend have to meet up with his group. Jane and I will be going to Wan Chai for Japanese food and meet up with her hubby, Maori. According to Jane, TenSho (天勝) Japanese Restaurant was introduced to Maori by his Japanese friend that is working in Hong Kong. It's a Japanese restaurant that a lot of Japanese working in Hong Kong goes to but after the financila crisis, a lot of Japanese working around there went back to Japan. So now the customer is a mixture of locals and Japanese.

Coincidentally, Choi Lan (蔡瀾) was here a few weeks ago to shoot his lifestyle TV program for Hong Kong TVB, 蔡瀾品味. Ten Sho was featured in episode 8, I was able to catch it on in Hong Kong. Too bad the TVB online MYTV is only available for those in Hong Kong. If you want to watch it, then you can try this forum here, where direct download is available.

Complimentary appetizer.

On the wall are menu written in Japanese.


The day's specialties written in Chinese. Obviously meant for the locals.

Maori likes to drink sake and beer when eating here.


TenSho has a lot of drinking snacks (dish that meant to go with alcoholic drinks). Maori is very familiar of the specialty dishes.

This is a house specialty, Marinated Tuna Intestine with Cream Cheese & Crackers. The chef here invented this snack, so it's not available in other Japanese restaurant. It is an acquired taste, some may like it very much but some may not like it. But do order this if you are first time here.

Mentaiko. I know Cheesie will love this.

Marinated squid. A bit salty, very good to go down with a beer.

After downing our beer, Maori ordered a bottle of Japanese Shochu (). The owner/partner of the restaurant (whom also is the manager) will come and chat with us and have a drink with us. Which is quite normal for a Japanese restaurant in Japan. I think besides the good Japanese food here, it is the way of things here that attracted so many Japanese in Hong Kong patronizing TenSho.

Maori's favourite is the beef stew.

Once I've tasted it, I know why. The meat is so tender and juicy. All the gravy was absorbed fully by the beef.

Yakitori, we had yakikawa, grilled chicken skin. Another nice dish for ShoChu.

I don't quite remember what dish is this but I think it's barbecued Ox Tongue (Gyutan).

To balanced up the meaty fare, I ordered Sashimi Salada. The chef chose to use vegetable that is in season from Japan.

The raw fish ingredients are flown in freshly from Japan frequently. Hong Kong is very near Japan so the fish is almost as fresh as in Japan. Price is also lower than eating in Malaysia.

Another of the house specialty and Jane's favourite is the Onigiri Yaki (Grilled Rice Ball). Really very special, this is the first time I eat onigiri that is grilled. We ordered fillings with unagi.

Onigiri Yaki.

TenSho is hidden in quite a secluded area in Wan Chai's back alley. Even Jane didn't really remember how to go there and we were walking in the rain. Luckily she remember the road name, we asked around and were able to find it.

Here's a map to TenSho, Wan Chai, Hong Kong. 5 minutes walk from MTR Causeway Bay Station Exit C, or 5 minutes walk from MTR Wanchai Station Exit A1. Look for Jaffe Road (謝斐道).

It's really a very good experience trying out TenSho. There's so many variety of dishes. What we had is not even 5 percent of all the dishes available. Some of the dishes will not be able to be found in Malaysia. Thank you Jane and Maori for treating me such a nice dinner. I may say that this is one of the best Japanese meal I ever had.


TenSho Japanese Restaurant 天勝日本料理
G/F Kingstown Mansion, 313 - 323 Jaffe Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong. (5 minutes walk from MTR Causeway Bay Station Exit C, or 5 minutes walk from MTR Wanchai Station Exit A1)

香港灣仔謝斐道313 - 323號帝城大廈地下

Tel: +852 25731329

Opening Hours: 1100 – 1430 and 1800 – 2300 Daily

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jfook said...

I wanna try the Onigiri Yaki. It looks so filling.

Simon Seow said...

jfook: yeah, it's sure is filling.

kumfye said...

nice post about food...i am sure the meal was kindda expensive ...

Simon Seow said...

kumfye: I think so too, good thing is Maori picked up the tab.