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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Trying Out McDonald in Hong Kong

It was day two in Hong Kong. I had an appointment to meet up Jane, a Malaysian friend of mine that is married to a Hong Kong husband, thus she's now staying in Hong Kong. Our meeting point is Sogo, Causeway Bay. Since I've arrive 2 hours earlier, so I went to try out the McDonald's just opposite the road because I haven't had anything yet.

At first I wanted to try out the pork burger with egg but then I saw McD's Hong Kong is promoting the monthly special burger, and December is the prawn burger, Mega Ebi Burger (the normal one is Ebi Burger). So, Mega Ebi Burger it is.

This is how it looks like. Fried prawn patties on a sesame bun with lettuce and McD's thousand island sauce. Writing this reminds me of this lol.

The prawn meat look quite fresh. It's quite good.

The WiFi here is free for the first 20 minutes, after that you'll have to buy package from PCCW. I found that there's hardly any free WiFi in Hong Kong's cafe or fast food chain. Sigh. Unlike Malaysia, even some mamak restaurant got free WiFi. Maybe space is too limited there and the eateries don't want to customer to sit too long lol.

After the fast meal in McD's, I went to the meeting point. I waited in front of Sogo for Jane. After half an hour I got a call from her telling me she can't find me. It is because it got windy so I pulled up my hood and she can't recognize me lol. My bad too for not noticing her earlier call. She then met up with me with her sister Chin that is studying in Lingnan University in Tuen Mun.

The first place she brought me to is Yee Shun Milk Company, lol. So this time instead of double boiled milk, I opted for double boiled egg custard because I just had milk in Australian Milk Co. the day before with my cousin.

I can't really tell the different in the custard egg but I found that the milk in Yi Shun is milkier lol.

Looks like tao fu fa lol.

Next stop, Macau Restaurant (澳门茶餐庭). Non-stop eating, no wonder I put on 5 kg when I was in Hong Kong for just 10 days.

Portugal tart is a must try here of course but someone told me that the tart in Portugal is way better than the one in Macau. Well, not everyone can fly to Portugal and eat tart :p

My Yin Yong (Milk tea mixed with coffee)

I ordered a pork cutlet bun tea set. It comes with scrambled egg, which is very nice. I like the fluffy texture and the buttery taste. I wonder how to make scrambled egg with that kind of fluffiness.

Thank you Jane and Chin.

After Macau Restaurant, we went to walk around near Causeway Bay and we run into a shop selling 鸡蛋仔 (something like egg pancake only crunchier). Jane told me that this one is quite popular. So, even though my stomach almost going to burst, I still bought one to try. I was told that original flavour is the best and it had to be a bit burnt.

It's very nice indeed but a bit too many for me to finish it all. So, I ate it bit by bit will walking around in Causeway Bay. It tasted like crunchy kaya balls without the kaya lol.

That's the first half of my 2nd day trip in Hong Kong. Stay tuned.


J2Kfm said...

eh I had those prawn burgers recently, from Popeye's. Though pales in comparison to your BIG version.

Ciki said...

those burgers look to die for! small but potent!

Simon Seow said...

James: oh, I haven't try Popeye before since they open lol. One day must go try.

Cumi & Cuki: lol, hope McD here will offer

Bangsar-bAbE said...

No wonder you put on weight in HK! So much good food!! =P

JunJun-Riko said...

the egg custard look so yummy leh...

Unknown said...

the only time tat i had ebi burger was wendy's

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Rebecca Saw said...

so err..whts yr new year resolution?
lose weight arr?

Simon Seow said...

Sue Lynn: yeah, once travel oversea, sure put on weight

Jun Jun: yupe, it's worth a try

Baby: Merry Christmas 2 u too

Becky: no, to earn more money that can travel to eat more :p