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Thursday, December 17, 2009

I'm Back From Hong Kong

Hello boys and girls. I know, I've not been updating this blog for a few days. So sorry about that, I was too tired with all those walking, eating and drinking in Hong Kong. I got back to my aunt's house in Tuen Mun after 2 am almost every night. Now that I am back in Malaysia, I can update this space of mine again. Don't expect my Hong Kong food trip posts that soon though, I received great news from Nuffnang when I was in Hong Kong International Airport, so will be engaged on blogging work for a while. You'll know it soon.

It's been a fruitful trip. I friend introduced me to Citygate Outlets in Tung Chung and I bought myself a pair of Reebook running shoes for just HKD 195. Citygate Outlets is the only shopping mall in Hong Kong that houses outlet shop. Names like Nike, Quiksilver, Adidas, Club 21, A/X, Coach and many more has their outlet shop setup there. Basically, the outlet shop sells clothes, shoes, accesories and etc that is out of season in discounted price. For example, I get my CK shirt from Club 21 Outlet for just around HKD 328.50, the price is actually HKD 365 (already 50% off the normal price), that day got promo, buy 3 items and get addtional 10% discount.

Girls, Coach Factory there was doing 30% discount. Is it a good deal? :p

You can get here easily by taking the West Line. It's quite far from the city because it's the end station of the West Line. Just walk out from the Tung Chung station and you'll be able to spot Citygate Outlets, either from the outer or inner of it, depends on which exit you take.

P.S. Precious Pea is dying to know what's inside my "fuk doi" (福袋). So, here I'll review what I got from the HKD 188 "fuk doi" that I bought from Goods of Desire (G.O.D).

Missing from the picture above is a chocolate flavour candle and a fragrance diffuser which I gave to two of my friends in Hong Kong. The total value of the items really does come up to about HKD 1,000. So, it's quite a bargain.

Got a Delay No More mug.

G.O.D. plate, saucer, bowl and mug. Nice quality too.

G.O.D. pencil case and notebook.

Two G.O.D scented sachets. Can and in car or cupboard or anywhere you wanted to smell nice.

There's also a pair of G.O.D. chopstick. At first I bought the "fuk doi", is to see whether can get a Delay No More T-shirt, it's selling for HKD 250, which is a bit expensive for a T-shirt for me. Turned out there's none. Should have chose a lighter bag.

On the side note, my most valuable hunt from Hong Kong is this:

Not the mouse pad of course but the scrap book behind it. The Slam Dunk mouse pad is just a free gift that comes with the scrap book.

Slam Dunk: 10 Days After, it's already in the 3rd print for the Hong Kong version. I searched the whole Shun Woh Center and only able to find a few left. Bought it for HKD 158, which I think is worth it.


Susan said...

Darn! There's a Coach Factory in HK??? When will M'sia has it? Sigh!

Simon Seow said...

sholee: Maybe not in our lifetime lol