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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas Came Early With Carlsberg

I'm back from my Hong Kong trip yesterday. Besides eating a lot of yummy food, me and my two other friends also drank a lot of beer in the pubs there. To be precise, we drank a lot of Carlsberg. No picture of the beer? Well, you see we get a lot of early Christmas presents from Carlsberg just by drinking more and more (I just drink that much when I don't have to drive because I take public transport in Hong Kong, please be a responsible drinker).

Order a bucket of 6 bottles of Carlsberg and this nice Carlsberg key chain is ours for the taking.

Why let it stop there? Order two buckets and we get a awesome Carlsberg lighter. My friends went all the way to order four buckets to get a cool Carlsberg T-shirt.

Just when I thought my early Christmas will end when I come back to to Malaysia. Carlsberg Malaysia comes in with a bigger Christmas treat for us Malaysian party goer. A chance to get invited to the private party of the FHM Girl Next Door. I don't know about your girls but us guys will sure die die get the invites and then bring you girl? (thinking, thinking...)

Okay, by the way. Here's how I am going to get myself invited to this Carlsberg Nice One Christmas party (FHM Girl Next Door omg!!!). Firstly, I'll get myself to be a fan of Carlsberg Nice One Facebook fan page (yes, click on the link and become a fan).

After becoming a fan, I'll have to load the Carlsberg Christmas Tree Facebook apps (click on the link to load the apps :p) Good. There's just four more steps to go.

The purpose of this contest is to decorate the Carlsberg Christmas Tree with your friends' faces. The more you add, the higher chances for you to win your own private party with the FHM girl Next Door.

Step 1: Choose a Friend (basically the face of your friend u want to use to decorate your Carlsberg Christmas Tree)

The apps will recommend the first few friends in your Facebook to choose from. If you want more choice, you can click "Add more friends to this tree", from there you can do a search for your friend.

After choosing the friend you want to "use", the apps will list out the pictures of your friend. Choose the picture you want to use.

After choosing a picture of your friend, it's time to add his or her face to the Trinket. Choose a trinket design that you'll like to see his or her face on :p

Click next to Step 3, now you can adjust his or her face so that it can fit in the trinket. I chose one of the friend that drank a lot of Carlsberg with me in Hong Kong. I know, the picture is more for Halloween rather than Christmas. I don't have a choice because he only has this picture in his Facebook.

After you're satisfied adjusting your friend's face on to fit in on the trinket then click "Next" to step 4, it's time to hang your friend put your friend trinket on the Carlsberg Christmas Tree. You might have problem hanging the friend trinket on the Carlsberg Christmas Tree, no worry because I've tried it a few times already and found the trick to it. You'll have to aim your friend's face to the white circle that you want to hang the trinket and voila, the trinket it's on the tree. Click confirm and you're done.

You can then add your own festive message on the trinket or just use the one generated by the apps. Click "Add Now" to create the tree.

The trick to win this contest is of course add more friend to to decorate the Carlsberg Christmas Tree. Now I wished that I am in Hong Kong now using my cousin's 10 MB/sec Internet line, so that I can add more and more friends in shorter time.

As you add more and more trinket on the Carlsberg Christmas Tree, you'll sometime be prompted to submit your details to join the contest. So, the more you add the higher chances you'll get.

You can also add your decorated Carlsberg Christmas Tree to your Facebook profile so that you network and friends can see it. Also, as you add more and more trinkets to the tree, it'll grow in terms of height too. At the time of writing this, my tree is 6 Feet tall. Remember to update your tree status in your Facebook profile after you added new friends by clicking the "Update Profile" button on the apps main page.

Ciao for now, I need to add more friend trinket to the Carlsberg Christmas Tree.


Ciki said...

cute tree! v innovative .. :P

Dr`Joe said...

Cun party. I am sure to be there.

Nikel Khor said...

luckily u get din get it exclusive invite..vri sad..

Nikel Khor