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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Tram Ride to Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Simon Says: OH! My blog is two years old already! Time to change header and background?

So, after a non-stop fulfilling time of eating in Central, Hong Kong. Elaine and I walked down the street to catch a tram to Causeway Bay. Central has a lot of hilly streets that's why we walk down lol.

On the way, Elaine wanted to stop over at Mannings (In Malaysia we called it Guardian :p) to buy some face cleaning stuff. There, I found something extra in Extra (pun intended). Not cheap though, about HKD 8.90 but it's very nice. Don't know when will it be available in Malaysia.

Wrigley's Extra Liquid Burst chewing gum.

After that, we finally boarded a tram that's going towards Causeway Bay. Taking the tram is the cheapest way to travel if you want to travel from Central to Causeway Bay, Wan Chai, or even Happy Valley. It only cost HKD 2 per ride.

It's my first time taking a tram ride even though this is my 4th time to Hong Kong. On the tram, one can take a look at the old buildings clearly because the tram does not move very fast. We passed through Dragon Gate Restaurant (龙门大酒楼) which has now stopped their operation due to financial problem. Elaine told me that on the last day of business people were queuing to have a last meal there before they close down. I guess the financial crisis hit it bad.

Dragon Gate Restaurant

I really like the feel of the old buildings around the district.

The ride will pass through Ngor Gan Kiu (鹅颈桥) the place famous for the ritual of "beating small people" (打小人).

I took a short video of the tram ride.

When we reached Causeway Bay, we went to Sogo to shop. I wanted to buy a pair of jeans. In the casual wear department in the Ralph Lauren Polo Jeans, I found the jeans and it's a bargain. The normal price is HKD 1299, discounted to HKD 499 and that day there's a special promo where if you buy 3 items an extra 50% discount is added to the 3 items. So, I grabbed two more T-shirts which is HKD 249 each. Total of the 3 items are HKD 499.50. OMG. The price of supposedly can get only a pair of jeans now can get two more T-shirts. Elaine paid for those, she said it's my Christmas present. Thanks 表妹 ;)

Alas, I got a pair of new jeans after like 15 years?

After getting the stuff we wanted in Sogo, we then took the MTR to Mongkok to look for CD and comic. They closed of some of the streets in Mongkok during weekend. So you can see street performer.

He'll sing if you drop some money on the notice he put.

We then saw a lot of photographer circled around a few girls. I thought got celebrity of something. Turned out it's models displaying Samsung Anycall new mobile phone, Corby.

After getting the comic and the CDs that I wanted. It's time for dinner. We took the MTR to Jordan to the famous noodle place. To be continued...


Rebecca Saw said...

Merry Xmas Simon!

Lets go makan-makan nx year ya.. I organised a few but everytime its Sat/Sun n u working.. ;(

Simon Seow said...

Becky: sure. Sat I'll be free, Sun have to see whether I'm working morning or night shift and whether it's lunch or dinner lol. Merry Christmas to u 2!

Unknown said...

nice trip huh...