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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Departuring to Hong Kong

I am now sitting here in Gate T14 blogging using the free WiFi provided by LCCT. Waiting for my flight to Hong Kong, which was supposed to depart at 1605 but has a slight delay to 1625. I'll be in Hong Kong for 11 days, so not too sure whether I'll be able to update my blog. Will be back on the 16th of this month.

Arrived at LCCT through SkyBus. RM 6.50 if booked online.

This is the first time I board a plane in LCCT. It's a far cry in terms of the interior as compared to KLIA. It's more like the airport in Penang lol. But the WiFi here is quite fast. Well, as long as it serves it purpose, I think it's alright.

Checking for my flight info.
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I haven't have my breakfast or lunch yet. So, have to buy a RM 6.90 chicken ham sandwich from the Taste of Asia cafe there. Might be the cheapest meal here lol.

Waiting for my to go on board flight AK78 at Gate T14.

20 more minutes to boarding time. Estimated will reached Hong Kong around 8.30 pm. My cousin Elaine will be receiving me there. She'll teach me how to take public transport from HK International Airport back to her place. There's Internet at her place but no WiFi, so not too sure can update my trip as often as I wish. Anyone in Hong Kong too between 5th to 16th Dec? Email me and meet up if you want lol. My email is yyseow[at]

Ok. I better stop here. It's almost time to board the plane.