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Monday, December 7, 2009

Hong Kong Trip Day 1 Summary

It's past 3 am now. Just wanna do a summary of my trip today. It's a very fruitful day in terms of eating and shopping.

I woke up at about 11 am and my aunt bought dried vegetable and pork ribs porridge for me. Comes with yau char kwai too. The porridge is delicious. Damn, I love Hong Kong's porridge.

My aunt then drove to Tsim Sha Tsui for her facial appointment, I followed her car to take the MTR there and go to Central to meet up with my cousin.

Just two hours after I ate my breakfast and it's time to eat again lol. My cousin Elaine brought me to Yong Kee.

Had their famouse char siew and roasted goose rice, goose liver sausage bun, steamed fish lips and of course the irresistible century egg. The waitress put on our table by default. Who could resist? Details on later post.

Yung Kee was just a start. The "G dam tao loh ding" in Lan Fong Yuen is next. We went to the son's outlet because the father's stall is not open on Sunday.

The dish is actually pork neck meat mixed with Nissin instant noodle. The special developed gravy with the ginger is wonderful. The texture of the pork neck is so good that I can't hardly use word to describe it here. Elaine told me that the different from the son's outlet is that he uses less MSG powder from the instant noodle.

In Hong Kong, sharing table with other customers is the norm because of the small shop and many people. We shared a table with Kay from Guang Zhou that brought her friend Grace from Shanghai to eat there.

Don't stop there yet. Next we went to have snake stew. Actually, it's only me that ate it because Elaine was full already.

I tasted dried mandarin orange peel in the snake meat stew. There's not much snake meat actually, mostly chicken slices lol. Slices of thing lemongrass was added to enriched the taste. It's actually very good.

We then walk around, and I asked Elaine about Delay No More (seems to be a quite popular brand in Hong Kong) and she pointed me to Goods Of Desire. I saw their "fook doi" promotion. It's actually a bag with random items put in each bag. Each bag has different combination of items. It's selling for HKD 188 and inside there are items with a combined value of around HKD 1,000. Such a bargain.

We then walked down the stairs to that the tram. On our way, Elaine suddenly told me that the egg tart and "sa yung" in Tai Cheong are very good. So, we stopped to buy some. "Sa yung" has to wait for the next batch, so we just bought egg tarts.

The skin is cookie skin but it's very nice. It has rich butter smell and taste in it. The egg filling is like egg custards and it's still warm too. The best thing is it's not too sweet, just nice. Damn good. First time I tried an egg tart made like this.

Soho, Central, Hong Kong has a very iconic elevator. The movie Lavender was also shot here.

Then we make our way to Causeway Bay from Central by tram. Another iconic public transport in Hong Kong. It only cost HKD 2 for the ride.

We went to shopping in Sogo. Elaine wanted to buy early Christmas present for me. In the Casual Wear floor, in Ralph Lauren & Polo Jeans, we found the bargain. Items are already on sales and if you buy 3 items, you'll get 50% more discount on all 3 items. So, Elaine bought me a pair of Jeans and two T-shirts and it only cost her HKD 499.50. Crazy sales I tell you in Hong Kong.

Trying out my jeans.

Public Bank is now in Hong Kong too. They bought over another bank.

Anycall is doing Christmas promotion.

After a few hours of shopping for more things, we made our way to Jordan for dinner in Mak Mun Kee Noodle Specialist. Their noodles are hand made.

My dry prawn roe noodle. Yummy.

Australia Dairy Co. is just next to it. Guess where we headed next?

I had double boiled milk and Elaine had double boiled egg with almond juice.

That's what I did on my first day in Hong Kong. Phew so tiring. Lucky there's a Osim uDream Sogno massage chair in my aunt's place to get a bit of relief.

Signing out now. I have to sleep already. Yawn...


Precious Pea said...

Seems like your tummy is having lots of fun! Hahaha..those century eggs soooo good rite? What is in the bag?? Sounds show the content lah!

J2Kfm said...

oh those goodie bags!! I know in Japan they're very very famous.
can get electronic goods in them also.

Ciki said...

i love that roe egg noodle. in KL , chef choi does the best one so far.. ;)

Bangsar-bAbE said...

The pork with Nissin noodles looks good. But snake stew?? 0_o

Hayley said...

egg tarts!!! i want!!!

§pinzer said...

cewah HK should really pay you for this post!

Simon Seow said...

Ivy: yeah, very yummy indeed. loads of stuff in the bag. plate, bowl, chopstick, fragrance diffuser, scent and etc.

James: yeah, they follow japan one. too bad mine don't have electronic item

Cumi & Cuki: yeah, har chi min, best! I don't know KL also can find. Bring me lah.

Su Lynn: It's very famous dish in the char chan tang I went. Snake really does taste like chicken :p

Hayley: lol, too bad I can't pack them back for u.

Tock: They paid me already. HKD 20, I won Mark Six (lottery) 7th prize lol

HitoMi Ng said...

woooo, I want to try the snake stewwww
But too bad they just have little snake meat in it >.<

Wah, the dan tart looks half cooked like that wo...can Slurrrrp

Sheryl0202 said...

Enjoy Hong Kong! I am going there during Christmas too!

ai wei said...

HK, so much fun!!!
why aren't there any fuku bukuro (fu dai) in malaysia?!?!?! aw