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Saturday, November 14, 2009

College Girls Like Simon Says

And I didn't pluck that from thin air. I have proven facts that girls like to read my blog. Don't ask me why because I don't really know. I'm not good looking but I am not ugly either. Maybe I'm cute to them lol.

Don't bluff, you say? Show you the facts? Okay, okay. Hold your horses there. The facts coming up in a scroll.

See? 61% of my readers are babe and that's out of 3855 response.

And not any girls wei. It might be hot college girls too. Most of my readers aged between 19-23 years old, 44% of the readers in percentage wise. So, most definitely not auntie or uncle reading this blog. Not to say auntie and uncle not welcome lah. I'm not very young also myself.

Cheh, young doesn't mean they're college babe mah. Well, well, well. From the survey, we can see that 57% of my readers are student!! Adding Survey 1 = 61% Babe, Survey 2 19-23 years old, and this Survey 3 = 57% Student. We can roughly come to one conclusion. College Babes Like Simon Says!!

Shiok sendiri :p

Please note that the survey is not photoshoped because my PhotoShopping skill sucks. I only noticed the survey results when I was playing around in my Nuffnang account options two days ago. The result was screen captured directly from my Nuffnang survey. Oh, by the way. I've created a new Nuffnang survey in the side bar. Answer it if you're free. I only created one question. So, it'll be fast.

Okay now, Nuffnang you can give me ads like makeup, lip gloss, lingerie, slimming products, menstrual pad, tampon and other girlie stuff. :p

For example:

Simon Says recommend to you girls out there Happy Tampon. No more fear of doing sports when your Big Aunt come and pay you a visit. Especially you active college girls out there, now you can swim everyday you like......


Lyrical Lemongrass said...

Can you review a Brazilian wax pls? Thank you. ^_^

Bangsar-bAbE said...

I second Lemongrass...Brazilian wax!! >P

Tony Wan said...

lol........ dai lou u are very GENG!

Simon Seow said...

Why? why? Brazilian wax? Wanted me to pulled my leg hair out??? :o

Tony: Yeah, I know lol

Aidi-Safuan said...

wow....hope u can get g-string also.hoho

Simon Seow said...

Aidi Safuan: lol, there are a lot of good female blogger out there, I don't think I'll get any female targeted ads, not even lip balm lol.