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Friday, November 22, 2013

If Your Plan A Failed, There's Always Plan B

There was one time colleague A asked another colleague B during lunch time, where to go for lunch? So, colleague B replied,"We are going for Plan B.". Colleague A then asked,"So where are we going for plan B? I didn't know we have a plan A". Hahaha. Colleague A didn't know Plan B is the name of the place that he's going to eat in.

Joke aside. Last week, thanks to Nuffnang's interest group #NNTasteBuddies, I got to taste a variety of food from Plan B that I haven't tried before. There are just so many choices in the menu. We went to have a food review session in Plan B, Bangsar Village. Henry, Mai Sarah, Saimatkong and Jun Zheng were there too.

Now let's starts with the coffee. Plan B has their own blend of roasted coffee, which I found is quite nice. I had Flat White and later an Australian Iced Coffee.

A scoop of vanila ice-cream in the iced coffee. Nice. I don't even have to put in the syrup.

Now let's eat!

Avo Quino is kind of of dish that one will order for breakfast and it's vegetarian food.

Avocado and poached eggs? My kind of thing.

We were told that one of their more popular pasta dish is the Asian-Style Soft-shell crab spaghettini. This a kind of a fusion dish. Rich butter sauce covered the spaghettini and a tinge of curry leaves. Yums. Recommended to be shared if not it will be too jelak.

Looking for pasta with more greens? Look no further. We tried the Arugula Pesto Spaghettini with seafood (please not the seafood is optional). Aroma of pine nuts from the pesto sauce is nice. Pasta is cooked al dente.

In between the heavy stuffs, we added something refreshing like the Som Tam Crab salad, which is green papaya salad. BIG Group's marketing people love it.

Nasi Lemak Goreng is a combination of two of our all time favourite mamak food, nasi lemak and nasi goreng kampung. I like the sourish sambal, it's so appetizing.

Going for some tea time snack? One can opt for Spicy Fish Tacos. To me not very spicy at all. Fish is cooked just right. Sweet potato fries as side is something not normally found but it's the norm for Plan B.

Not a fan of fish? Why not go for the Char-Grilled Kimchi Chicken Burger? Burger is tender but I will like the kimchi to be a little bit more sourish.

Oh, Plan B just revamped their menu, some of the food we tried are new in the menu. They took out my favourite Ox Tongue Sandwich :(

Now the mother of all comfort food must be the Buttermilk Fried Chicken. Crispy skin and the meat still juicy and tender. It's so sinfully good.

Now even though we are quite full already, we still make rooms for dessert. The Coconut Cake is nice.

But the Apple Sugee Cake is awesome! Warm apple sugee cake eaten with the cold vanilla ice-cream is da bomb. I think it will paired very well with coffee.

Plan B is really a good place to look for comfort food and a cuppa. Plan B has outlets in Bangsar Village, Mid Valley, Publika, One Utama, Paradigm Mall and Ipoh. Click here for the address and business hour.


Anonymous said...

The bear looks very cute !! too bad I din get to take picture of it... >.<

Simon Seow said...

Hahaha. When you reached, I've already drank my flat white. You can download mine you you want.

Sycookies said...

poach egg and avocado ...i like.

Simon Seow said...

Both my favourite items combined.