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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Eat, Play, Drive with Nissan Almera - Aunty Koh Best Cendol

Last month, I was invited to join a test drive food trip by Nissan Malaysia. The plan is to drive from KL to Malacca and explore some of the good food there. I was assigned with Kelly and Joshua to drive a stock entry level Nissan Almera which doesn't have the push-start key-less feature. Some of the other teams were driving Impul premium version which comes with the key-less feature and body kit with 16 inch rims. The stock comes with 15 inch rims.

The trusty Nissan Almera that I drove.

The Impul Almera.

One thing about the Nissan Almera is the spacious boot space. It can easily fit two of me inside. I am 178cm tall and weight about 95KG. Yes, so gonna lose weight soon.

The journey to Malacca was quite smooth. Although the pick up response is a bit laggy for the Nissan Almera but once you are in a constant speed, it is a smooth ride all the way. Well, Nissan Almera is built for economy and fun driving in mind. If one wanted a speed demon, one would have gone for a Nissan GTR.

The fuel economy is surprisingly good even after driving some long sub-urban road to reach Aunty Koh Best Cendol in Bukit Rambai we only have to fuel up about RM 16.78 worth of RON95 petrol to reach full tank again. That works out about 6.8 liter/100KM.

The first stop is Aunty Koh Best Cendol as I've mentioned. It took a lot of turnings in the sub-urban area after Alor Gajah exit to reach Bukit Rambai. I was told that Aunty Koh only opens for business during the weekends from 12pm to 2pm but usually sold out by 1pm.

It is actually a stall located in a house with huge land, so parking will be easily available but advised to reach early so that you don't have to wait for too long.

We have a huge orders and Aunty Koh only works alone so we need to wait for quite a while.

And it's worth the wait. The cendol here is thick, springy and rich with the taste of pandan and santan. The gula melaka used is also not too sweet and rich with the aroma of gula melaka. I would have to say that this is one of the best cendol I've eaten so far.

Here are the videos of Aunty Koh preparing the cendols for us.

Besides the normal cendol, I also tried the santan-less Taibak. Pandan infused sugar syrup is used for Taibak instead of gula melaka. For those that can't take santan, this is a good alternative to have a go at cendol like dessert. Personally, I still prefer cendol. Taibak is a bit too plain for me.

Everyone seems to like Aunty Koh Best Cendol.

Kelly, Eunice and Hui Ping

Joshua Law enjoying his cendol.

With Huai Bin aka Sixthseal.
More food posts will be posted on this Eat, Play, Drive trip. Stay tuned.


Aunty Koh Best Cendol
No. 5113, Jalan Batang Tiga,
Kampung Bukit Rambai.
75250, Melaka.
GPS Coordinates: N2 14.804 E102 11.516


Yuh Jiun said...

wow the cendol looks yummyy!


hey nice post, and at least you got the name of the car correct, unlike that bozo huai bin haha, must be still high on narcotics haha....


hi its me again, just downloaded ALL of your youtube vids, but sorry, i did not click on any adverts hehe