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Thursday, August 12, 2010

My Kina Grannis - Stairwells CD Has Arrived

Talk about efficiency. I ordered Kina Grannis latest album Stairwells from her website last week, and it reached my doorstep exactly a week from when I ordered it. I took notice of her music after a saw her appearance in FUNemployed by Wong Fu Productions. If you haven't catch the fun web series, you should go catch it already. I checked out her Youtube channel and found Valentine MV. I love it the moment I listened (and watched)  to it.

I still remembered that I ordered the CD on 4th of August, which happens to be her birthday. So, she's gave a 15% discount on all products purchased on that day. What a coincidence, my niece Ruth's birthday also fell on the same day.

Happy Birthday Ruth

My nephew Noah

Here's the merchandise.

All the way from Nevada, USA

Album Cover, gorgeous isn't it?
The Stairwells CD

There's 14 tracks in this album. For USD 12.00 before discount, it's such a bargain, so I only paid USD 10.80 plus USD 6.50 for International shipping. Delivery is fast. Oh, you'll be given a link to download a bonus track "Make Me" once you've purchased the CD online.

You can hears sample of the tracks here. I found all the tracks are very good. Maybe I like music that is lively yet not too loud and give you a very quiet and peaceful feeling. Good news, you can download her single "Valentine" for free.

Okay. That's all for now. I have to concentrate on listening to Stairwells. ;)


Anonymous said...

HI, can i have the link that you purchase the CD? Do you have any idea, is Kina Grannis CD is selling at any stores in KL?

Anonymous said...

Hey Anon, I'm sure they will be selling the CD at her world tour at Bentley Auditorium in Kuala Lumpur tomorrow! Be there!

Simon Seow said...

The link is there on in the post.