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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Restoran Hew Hin 友興家乡虾面, Dengkil

Since my office shifted to Cyberjaya from Damansara Heights, finding some nice food or Chinese food to eat during lunch time is a headache. Lucky for me and my colleague Damon, Dengkil is just 5 minutes drive away and there are some hidden gem in terms of good food in Dengkil. Most of you will know about the popular Dengkil Seafood Restaurant and maybe Ah Di Bah Kut Teh.

While we were searching for lunch, we drove to almost the end of Dengkil town and I saw this restaurant that is quite old school. The shop is built with woods and uses zinc roof. I like old school restaurant. Takes me back to the simple life of a small town, although I don't grow up in a small town. I am a KL boy lol.

The prawn mee here is not the type like Penang prawn mee. It's more like their own creation of prawn mee. You can choose, Prawn Loh Mee, Prawn Soup Mee or Fried Prawn Mee. The boss also recommend to us Chili Fish (RM 26++), which is fish cooked slowly in warm oil (油浸) and then pour with special gravy with a lot of chilis. We didn't order because we won't be able to finish it. So, we ordered Prawn Loh Mee (RM 42) for 2 pax.

You must be shocked at the price right? Well, once we tasted the Prawn Loh Mee, we know why. It's because generous amount of big prawns were used to make the loh mee for two. The broth is filled with the taste of prawn. The prawn roes already fused with the broth. I also suspect that the prawn shells were used to make the base broth because there's only prawn meat in the loh mee. Only the prawn head that contain the roe still has a bit of shell intact.

Normally if eating loh mee, I will put vinegar to lift up the taste because the normal loh mee is kind of bland. But there's no need to put even a drop of vinegar forthe prawn loh mee here because the taste is very rich. I did try to put some vinegar to try out the difference. I found that the 'xian' (鲜) taste of the prawn was covered by the vinegar. So, it's your personal choice of whether to add the vinegar.

Another nice thing about the noodle here is that, it is all handmade by the owner. That's why the loh mee so much firmer and springier than the loh mee I tried elsewhere. They also have some dishes that can be eaten with white rice here. Next maybe I'll drop by again to try the Chili Fish, I saw the customers in the next table finished the whole fish leaving only the bone.

Rating: 4/5

Directions: If you're coming from Cyberjaya or Putrajaya or Kuala Lumpur, just followed the road sign to Dengkil. After you turn into Dengkil exit, go all the way straight passing shops like Restoran 113, Restoran 228, Petronas petrol station and Dengkil Seafood Restaurant. You'll stop at a traffic light where you can turn right or go straight. There's a police station nearby. Go straight after the traffic light into Jalan Besar, you'll see a few shops on your left. Restoran Yew Hin and next to it Restoran Sinki are there.


Restoran Hew Hin 友興家乡虾面
No. 94, Jalan Besar,
43800 Dengkil, Selangor
Tel: 03-8768 6042
Mobile: 012-275 4428
Opens from 10 a.m. till 3.30 p.m.
Google Map here.

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Lost Sheep said...

been there few times, nice food.

jfook said...

I never had nice prawn mee before. I guess the vinegar is the boom?

Simon Seow said...

Lost Sheep: I still haven't try Chili Fish.

jfook: What prawn mee you're talking about? No, the vinegar spoil the taste of the prawn in the loh mee. So it's not the boom.

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

wow, i thought it was a typo too when i saw the price tag, esp in dengkil!

Simon Seow said...

Joe: yeah, me and my colleague was shocked lol but it's okay la not like everyday eat prawn loh mee.

Anonymous said...

now price two pax rm64