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Monday, February 21, 2011

林夆 Raymond Lam Desire Tour Concert Malaysia 2011

Last Saturday I went to watch 林夆 Raymond Lam Desire Tour Concert Live in Malaysia 2011, I won the tickets from the Sunway Pyramid Facebook contest. The tickets are the cheapest which is free standing, it will cost RM 90 per ticket if bought. I invited Wilee to go with me, whom I also invited to Paramore concert last year lol.

Wilee and I camwhored while waiting for Raymond Lam.

One complain here is that the viewable area of the stage is quite limited in the free standing zone. It is too side way. We won't be able to see Raymond Lam at all if he's at the back of the stage. Oh, well, it's quite far too to ever see his face. So have to see the big screen instead. It's free for me so no complain there.

Almost 40% of the stage is now viewable from here.

The ticket printed 8pm as the starting time but as all Asian artist's concert, it will never starts on time. Paramore's concert started on the dot. So, at around 8.30pm, the concert started.

He opened his concert with a few fast numbers. Not too bad he can dance but the fast songs I am not very familiar with. No die hard fan mah :p He told the audiences that this is the warmest concert he's ever performed in. I couldn't agree more with him because I can see sweat dripping from his face like pipe water.

Then he continued with some slow songs like one of his first ever song sang for a HK TVB drama series and a newer one from drama Growing Through Life - 摘星之旅.

He also invited his fans to come up the stage to sing with him and the second time he invited a fan who flew all the way from Australia and she get to go backstage to change his clothes (well that's what he told us what the fan have to do). They then pop up the stage again on a bed, while he sang a love song. The fan is to flabbergasted to give any reaction to his act lol.

Raymond Lam singing 愛人與海 (Lover and Sea) with his fans.

He's quite friendly and very nice to his fans. He came down from the stage to shake hands with the audiences not once, twice but thrice. If my hand is longer, I would have be able to shake his hand too :p

He also sang songs from other singer like Jacky Cheung, Faye Wong and Leon Lai. He also sang songs of his female singer friends like Miriam Yeung and Joey Yung. Of course he also sang some of his popular hits like 愛不疚 (Love with no Regrets).

Near the end he sang 直到你不找我 the theme song of TVB drama The Mysteries of Love, which he's the main actor. He encored and ended the concert with the song that made him popular as a singer 愛在記憶中找你 (Searching For You In Loving Memories).

It's not a great concert but hey I think a fan will a home happy. I will give it a seven out of ten.


jfook said...

I know none of his

Simon Seow said...

jfook: we can't know all of the singers in this world mah

michleong said...

Ah! Why I didn't know about this :( He came so close to you? Lucky you!

Simon Seow said...

Mich: Haha, too bad I weren't able to shake his hand.