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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Mist Has Arrived

Those of you who is in Facebook might have received an event invitation name The Revelation (The Mist Is Storming Your Way) which doesn't really tell what is it all about at first. I just got updated from the message sent to me. It's about the grand launching of Mist Club in Bangsar.

I've been to Mist before when I went for the Ruumz launching event. It is very spacious. Divided into ground and upper floor. The upper floor is for VIP if not mistaken. There's a lots of tables and seats at the ground floor too. Oh, the thing I like most is that Mist has a wooden dance floor just in front of the stage, which one can dance away happily because it is quite spacious.

View of the ground floor from the upper floor. Spacious.

Cool UV light effect at the upper floor.

They have celebrity DJ like Pietro to spin the music. Well, at least for the event I went.

The wooden dance floor.

I will be going to Mist again soon this month for Malaysian Dreamgirl 2 event. Please don't envy me because I can't be around and take pictures with the top 12 finalist. So, Mist is a great place for events. I want to get myself invited to the Exclusive Grand Launch of Mist because it's by invitation only. Fret not because there's a few ways that I can get myself invited.

Option 1: Blogging/Facebook Contest
[How far are you willing to go in order to get your hands on the exclusive invites to Mist Club’s Grand Launch? Let us know and you just might be on your way to the party!]

For Non-Bloggers
Step 1: Post a note up on Facebook, tag 10 of your closest friends and link back to
Step 2: Send The-Mist-has-Arrived a message, informing us that you’ve done that.

For Bloggers: (This is obviously the step that I chose)

Step 1: Post an entry in your blog and link back to
Step 2: Leave a comment on ( informing us that you’ve done that.

Mist Club Official Blog:
Event Page:

So, what are you waiting for. Choose one option and start to do it and get invited.

P.S. Huai Bin will you be doing it or not? I will say 90% you'll be doing it right? LOL


Anonymous said...

What the eff... Poh Huai Bin should be nicknamed "The Octopus" or "The Fondler".

Got nothing against physical contact, but that pic looks waaaaay too lecherous. Get a room, Octopus aka Fondler!

eiling lim said...

Alby: But the guy in the pic is not Huai Bin?!!

Anyways, looks like I must pay a visit to MIST! soon...

Anonymous said...

Aiyo... Simon took down the photo to protect you lar. The photo was clearly there when this was first posted.

Simon Seow said...

Yes I took down the picture. It got Huai Bin inside but not Eiling.