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Sunday, January 12, 2014

A Chance To Bring Your Idea To Live

Well, technically it is your idea for a mobile app. Have you ever faced a scenario where you would have wished someone has written a mobile app for that? Back in the heyday before mobile phone turned smart, I always have this frustration of having a tune playing in my head but can't seems to remember what song it is. Nowadays, one can easily find out what song is that by just humming the tune to mobile app like Shazam or SoundHound.

Well, there's your chance to get your frustration out of the way. If you have a problem that you'll like to have a mobile app to fix it for you then why not just have it created for you? To do this, we will have Digi - Challenge for Change in the picture.

There are two phase for this initiative. There first phase is Ideation Challenge, which is happening from 27 November 2013 till 18 January 2014. This phase is where you and I will be able to submit an idea for the app that you think will be able to help you when using your smartphone. If your idea is finalized as the top 4 idea, you'll win RM 5,000 and a smartphone. Not only that, top 4 ideas will be chosen to be developed in the App Development Challenge phase starting from 24 January 2014 till 24 April 2014. This is the phase your idea comes to life.

So, you think you have a great idea for a mobile app? Go to and follow 4 simple steps to join the challenge.

First, login with either you Twitter, Facebook or Google Plus account.

After that, filled in some of your personal detail. Name as per in your MYKAD not your nickname because if you win you need to proof that you are the contestant, right? Unless you've changed your name in your MYKAD to your nickname.

Step 3, write out your mobile app idea. You don't have to write a thesis, just simple straight to the point. Get your creative juice running.

By the way, there are four categories you can choose from. Be sure to choose carefully which category your app belongs to.

Finally, click "Submit" to submit your idea. You can submit more than one idea.

Digi - Challenge for Change is open to all Malaysians aged 12 years and above. Hurry up and submit your idea today! There is not much time left.


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