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Monday, December 30, 2013

Simon Says Turned 6, 3 Days Ago!

OMG. I forgot about my blog's birthday. It all started way back in 27th December 2007. Sorry blog, I've not been very actively posting new post this year. Hopefully I'll get my writing engine a boost next year. Oh, well better late than never. Happy Birthday!

So far, this blog has achieved more than 1.1 million of page views. Nothing to shout about if compared to other popular blogs that easily achieve this number in a month if not week. It took Simon Says 6 years, well it's quite an accomplishment for me.

On a personal note, I was able to achieved my 2013 new year resolution that I've set for myself, which is to slim down. My Triglyceride level came down from a dangerous level during my body checkup two years ago to normal level when I did my body check early this month. I was able to shed about 15KG worth of body fat. I started in February with a weight of 95.6KG and now maintaining at a weight of about 80KG.

I've not time to create a new header yet. Maybe I'll do one in the New Year 2014. You can read about my previous blog birthday posts here.

Happy New Year!!