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Thursday, September 2, 2010

舞ラーメン Mai Ramen, Jaya One, Petaling Jaya

Last Thursday, I went to watch MACC Internal Affairs in PJ Live Arts in Jaya One. It was really hilarious. I want to thank Patrick for running the contest in his blog which I was able to win the tickets, if not, I won't be able to get any because the tickets were sold out weeks before the show starts.

That's Jessica with the 3 MACC comedians

I invited Celine along to watch the stand up comedy by Douglas Lim, Phoon Chi Ho and Kuah Jenhan. If you missed it, then too bad, you'll have to wait for the next installment of MACC. Before the show, we went to have dinner in this cozy Japanese restaurant named Mai Ramen (literally means Dance Ramen) same row as Royal Oak.

I didn't bring my digital camera with me, so I used my phone camera to shoot the pictures. Bear with the low quality :p

Once we've put down our orders, the waiter serve a plate of Takoyaki balls to us. This is a complementary from Mai Ramen. I'm not sure will this be continued or not, maybe it's a promotion because I think this restaurant is still quite new. The takoyaki ball is not bad at all but be careful not to pop it in your mouth so soon because it's still very hot.

Takoyaki balls, each of us get one ball wtf

We ordered the ramen set, since the name of the restaurant has ramen in it, so we think that ramen must be their specialty. They also have other Japanese dish like Japanese Curry Rice, Don, and etc.

The ramen set comes with a salad, 3 pieces of gyoza (Japanese dumpling) and a glass of green tea. There's three soup base you can choose for your ramen, original (pork bone soup), miso soup (fermented soya bean paste soup) and shoyu soup(soya sauce soup). From what I know, Japanse rarely use miso soup for ramen, the basic 3 ramen soup is pork bone, sho (salt) and shoyu (soya sauce).



We both opted for the original soup. The salad and gyoza tasted very nice. We were given a sauce plate that contain preserved spicy vegetable (a bit like the preserved lettuce found in teochew porridge) at one side and sauce for the gyoza at the other.

Buta Kakuni Ramen Set (RM 22.90 ++)

Ton Ramen Set (RM 21.90 ++)

I had Buta Kakuni Ramen set (RM 22.90 ++), which has braised pork belly and Japanese chashu in it. The soup is cooked with pork bones and a bit whitish in colour (I suspects fish was added to get the whitish colour). I like the soup here which is not too salty as what you find normally in a bowl of Japanese ramen. Yes, authentic Japanese ramen soup is heavy on the saltiness.

I think the chef tune the taste to suite our Malaysian taste bud. Not really a bad thing actually but I think 菜澜 (Choi Lan) won't agreed with me lol. I love the pork belly, it is so tender and well marinated. Another think I like is the Ajitsuke tamago (seasoned half-boiled eggs), which the egg white is cooked while the egg yolk is still half cooked. Very yummy egg.

This is one place I that I find one of the better tasting ramen in Klang Valley. I won't mind coming back for more of the yummy braised pork belly and the smoked egg.

Mai Ramen Cafe
13-6, Block D, Jaya One

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wen pink said...

wwalao the Ramen seriously looks very nice!

Simon Seow said...

Wen Pink: Taste nice too!

Rebecca Saw said...

I prefered the tone-down version too!
Better cos I cant take too salty stuffs

Simon Seow said...

Becky: High 5!