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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Race Queens in Super GT 2012 ala Pit Walk

Just a quick update on Super GT 2012 today. Just before lunch, during the practicing round break, the pit is open for those people with pit walk entries and of course those with media pass like me. For those that don't have pit walk pass, not to worry, I'll show you here what you missed. =P

There are of course race queens from each team.

Michelin Man was there too.

Not to forget the super race cars.

Our local racer, Fairuz.

Okay. Back to the pretty race queens.

And my favourite picture of the day is...

Practicing rounds end at 6pm but it's not the end of the whole event. From 6pm-8pm, there will be a showcase competition of the top 8 dance crew. After that Leng Yein will be there to pre launch her 1st album featuring SugarDaddy. Not to forget lucky draw start at 8pm for those of you that has the tickets and join the lucky draw, it's time for you to get excited.

Party continues All Night Long with DJ Faith, DJ Darling Sabrina and DJ KC. Dance, dance, dance.

Okay. I'll stop at here. I need to get ready for tonight's party at the Super GT 2012. Feel like partying, maybe you can still get tickets from the counter in Sepang International Circuit. Wants to find out more, then like the Super GT Facebook page or follow them on Twitter.


Anonymous said...

Hi! I have attended this event 2 years in a row now. I've always wondered how i can get a "media pass". I have no press affliation. I am just a keen photographer.