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Friday, April 2, 2010

Zouk KL 6th Anniversary - Mad Hatter Party

Simon Says: I guess non of you believed my April's Fool prank. Sigh.

Wow, how time flies, it was just like yesterday that I went to Zouk KL 5th Anniversary event and just last Friday I went there for their 6th birthday bash. This time it's themed after Alice in Wonderland hence it's called Mad Hatter Party. Thanks to Kel Li I got a pass to this wonderful event.

I reached there at 9pm, it's not crowded yet. I see most of the staff are wearing different kind of hats. I haven't had my dinner yet because I come straight from work. So, I went to Terrace Bar to have dinner. I ordered Zouk Club Sandwich. Such a rich sandwich. It cost RM 18.90. I found the drink and food price in Terrace Bar is quite reasonable for a posh place like Zouk.

I bumped into David Lai and Zlwin, they will be performing their street magic all over the place that night. Jamie is helping them to take photo.

With Jamie Liew.

There's a free ice-cream being distributed. It's a new local brand of fruit ice-cream. The ice-cream is made from real fruit. Hence the name JazRipe lol. There are a lot of flavour from green apple, jackfruit, dragon fruit, mango, strawberry, passion fruit and even durian.

I tasted a few. Green apple is not too bad, mango was nice too but I found that the dragon fruit is a bit too sweet for my taste bud.

Dragon fruit JazRipe.

Look who I bumped into at the entrance? It's Jay. Still that vibrant and energetic.


Not long after that, I saw Coco walking towards the entrance with her friends and so I went to say hi to her.



Then we saw David dishing out his mentalist stuff. He then came over and ask Coco to volunteer. He asked her to hold a glass bottle. Told her to test whether it's very hard. He then asked her to hold the bottle and he put a glass shard into the bottle. He told Coco to swirl the glass shard in the bottle and the based of the bottle broke to shards. Coco was bit frighten by it lol.

David using his mind power to make the glass break.

Andy came with a very Viking like helmet. He didn't bring his DSLR that night but brought with him his friend's Lumix LX3 instead. Damn, it was such a good compact digital camera.

Andy Kho.

This is the Mad Hatter Party after all.

There's a hat design contest going on and we were asked to vote for our favourite. I of course voted for Tongue in Chic.

The crowd has arrived.

We then went in and party. Zouk Club was very crowded so we switched to Velvet which is still not crowded yet. Pietro was there spinning some retro music. My favourite music that is. I grew up in the 80s and 90s.

Pietro dishing out retro music one after another.

Andy found a very cool spot to take pictures with nice lighting effect at the back. This was taken using my Canon Powershot A470, the pictures turn out very nice in his friend's Lumix LX3.

I kinda like the ultraviolet stamp of Zouk KL.

After about 1 hour dancing in Velvet, we move to the sardine packed Phuture and we bumped into Jessica and her LDR boyfie. First time meeting him I think.

Maggie, LDR Boyfie, Jessica, Coco and moi.

Coco spotted Mr. Hik and she force her fake spec and hat on him and took picture.

Mr. Hik with Coco's fake specs and hat.

Not to be outdone, I borrowed Coco's fake specs.

Hi! I'm Harry Seow.

My camera was then stolen and came back with these two photos below.

We went back to Velvet for a while and around 1.30 am we called it a night. I'm already very tired working 12 hours in the morning to evening. It's a great night. Lastly I like to thank Nigel (psst...he just won a bike from Naza) for passing me the passes and finding me in Terrace Bar.


ai wei said...

such a nice and fun party! btw, they really put up a mini wonderland there with the colorful cups werrr

Simon Seow said...

ai wei: yeah, it was a fun filled night and yes the area was decorated like a tea party lol

Bengbeng said...

it was a happening event if one judges from the pics... u r in the midst of all the festivities.. envy u the company of all the lovely ladies :)

kRaZy said...

u know jamie also o.O

Simon Seow said...

BengBeng: yupe it was fun. The ladies just pitied me because I was there alone lol

Sandra: yupe, the dragon fruit's colour is kind of attractive

kRaZy: yeah, I met her from event but I met her older sister first