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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

If I am Ip Man master, I would...

teach my dog Blackie, Wing Chun (永春) so that he can be healthy and strong. Of course also he can protect the household from intruders with Wing Chun.

I Master Ip will teach you the way of Wing Chun and you can be the next Bruce Lee.

Please forget your doggy style and focus on Wing Chun.

With practice Blackie, you can be as good as your senior (师兄), Bruce Lee (李小龙).

Okay, that was all my imagination. My dog is not as clever as #Koyuki that he can learn Wing Chun and fight like Bruce Lee. He only knows sit, hand, and down. That also I have to use doggy treat to make him do.

Most of you would have know by now that Ip Man 2 will be showing in the cinemas soon. The good news is you can win some great prizes like premiere ticket to Ip Man 2 in GSC Pavilion if you are GSC-Eonbank Credit Card holder because GSC-EON Bank Credit Card is running the Martial Arts Challenge and Share & Win contest for IP MAN 2. All you have to do is click at the contest site here, and you'll be able to win great prizes.


Helen said...

Wah seh..I kesian your black dog.

Kelvin said...

lol, i think u gonna win this contest~

joegrimjow said...

kung fu witg dog
ok ok
just wondering if the dog is bulldog

check mine here

dragoncity said...

haha.. that's a funny one. Good luck bro!