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Monday, April 26, 2010

Katherine Ng - Miss Universe Malaysia 2010 Finalist

After being one of the 12 finalists for FHM Girl Next Door. The brainy and pretty (God is not fair, I know) Katherine Ng was just announced one of the 18 finalists for Miss Universe Malaysia 2010. You can follow her updates in the pageant race in her Facebook Fan Page.

Read about her personal experience in her blog. Get the official updates from the Miss Universe Malaysia 2010 official website here or read what's she write in the her very own Miss Universe Malaysia 2010 contestant's blog. You can also follow her in her Twitter.

This is a leng lui announcement brought to you by Simon Says. ;)


Carrie said...

wow wow wow! pretty girl again!

MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

The first thing my eye focus on is her...Swee Charbo..

Then when my eye saw ur face. OMG! muka syiok sia!! HAHAHAH

Simon Seow said...

Carrie: yes, there will be another finalist that I know that I will post in a day or two.

Nicole: I am resisting myself from giving her a peck on the cheek. :p

Anonymous said...

omg. looks more like a vamp than a miss universe malaysia finalist. what's with her excessive make up 0.o

Simon Seow said...

Anonymous: When out partying, that's not very excessive at all because there will be a lot of cameras around.