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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Kick Ass My Review

Kick Ass the movie is absolutely kick ass (pardon my lame pun). The ticket teller even joked with me when I was buying the RM 6 ticket on Super Wednesday in TGV Kepong.

Me: One ticket for Kick Ass please.

Teller: Aduh, sakit.

Me: Huh?

Teller: Kick ass mah.

Me: Hahaha.

Okay, joke aside. Kick Ass was based on the comic written by Mark Millar, whom happens to be the executive producer and the screen writer for the movie too.

The story is about Dave Lizewski, a high school student whom is somewhere in the middle in the high school hierarchy. A comic fan himself, he wondered is there anyone out there that will wanna be a super hero. Then one day, he finally decided that he wanted to be that super hero that help others that needed help. He became Kick Ass (Aaron Johnson). Whom is really got his ass kick instead of kicking others ass.

In come the real deal in the super hero game. Big Daddy (Nicholas Cage) and Hit Girl (Chloe Moretz). Big Daddy was an ex-cop that was framed by mobster boss Frank D'Amico (Mark Strong). His wife died while giving birth to their daughter while he was in prison. Her daughter Mindy was then taken care by his best friend and ex-partner.

After five years in prison, Big Daddy came up with a plan of vengeance against Frank D'Amico. He taken by Mindy into his custody and trained her to be a merciless killing machine against the mob. From there, her daughter became Hit Girl and he became Big Daddy.

Hit Girl is a favourite with most of the people that watched this movie because she really can kick ass and curse for an eleven year old girl. Expect blood and gore and vulgarity in this movie. Praise the Malaysian censorship board for leaving much of it intact, this is after all rated 18 for Malaysian cinema. But I don't know why they mime some of the cursing during the first torture scene by the mobster. Other than that this is a nice fucking movie, yes expect a lot of fuck word in it.

Rating: 8.5/10

Red Mist, the next villain for Kick Ass 2?

The pictures here are all nipped from Eyeris. Read his not a review.


FeeQ said...

The movie really funny..hehe watch it at pavilion XD

san ling said...

Nice...visit me at

Carrie said...

I not yet watch la....

Mr Lonely said...

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Wen Pink said...

LOL watched it..and.. geli la all the blood...

Simon Seow said...

FeeQ: cool

San Ling: oh okie

Carrie: still got time to watch, quite new lah the movie

Mr. Lonely: okay sure.

Wen Pink: Geli meh? Quite nice ah lol.

k0k s3n w4i said...

I saw it on opening day. Had to pay the full RM 10. I'm trying to get more people to see it myself

Simon Seow said...

s3n w4i: it's worth the money. yeah, promote good movie.