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Friday, April 16, 2010

TM iTalk Whoa Launching

Just a night before I went to Bali, I went to the launching of TM iTalk Whoa! which I've blogged about here. So at the launching event, we learned more about TM iTalk Whoa! TM is so generous that in the goodies bag it's a headphone-mic set so that we can call using our laptop to any country with a very low call rates using the TM iTalk Whoa portal.

Nice headphone-mic set courtesy of TM.

MC of the night warming up the crowd first before that start of the launching.

The "birthday boy" then told the crowd what is iTalk Whoa all about. It is actually what TM called Connect, Communicate and Collaborate. In iTalk Whoa portal, you can CONNECT with all your contacts using different social networking tools such as Facebook and Twitter just in one place.

It also let you COMMUNICATE with your friends and family that are using different type of chat program such as MSN, Yahoo! Messenger or Gtalk just in one portal because you can add in your different chat account and integrate within TM iTalk Whoa. Not only that, you'll also be able to use the VOIP service to call your friends and family that is oversea with a fraction of what your IDD call will cost you.

Last but not least you will be able to COLLABORATE, share all your videos, pictures and thoughts with your friends and family just in one place and one account. Now that's what I call collaboration.

"Birthday Boy" giving the launching speech.

Okay. Back to some fun and games. We have here to move ice cube from one glass to another glass and then filled it up with orange juice. The one whom is the fastest will get a prize. I joined the 2nd round too but alas all of us guys lost to Haze. I blamed my big hand and the small glass.

Eric and Terrence hard at "work".

After the games, we were all entertained by Bunkface. They are very popular now, don't play-play. The crowd went crazy with Bunkface rocking the house down. You can always count on TM to put on a good event.

Bunkface rocking their hearts out.

Ah, the music might be too loud for the kids.

Rock and roll was interrupted half way because it's time to sing birthday song and cut the birthday cake. Guess who's birthday it is?

Do you want Bunkface to sing birthday song to you too?

Well, that night was really fun and informative. During the Q&A session. One of the question is "Why TM iTalk Whoa can only be use on Internet Explorer?" Well, the fact that 90% of the OS in the market is Windows and Windows comes with IE. So, we can safely says that everyone will have IE and will be able to use the services provided from TM iTalk Whoa portal. Common sense. The team from TM iTalk Whoa will continue to improve the portal and make it compatible with other browsers in the near future. They promised.

Met a lot of old and new faces there. I'll just show those that I met for the first time that night.

Ceddy. I've been reading his blog two years ago but didn't meet him before.

Okay. That's the launching. Next I'll blog about how iTalk Whoa saves me in Bali when I forgot to bring my mobile phone to Bali.


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