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Monday, April 5, 2010

At the End of Daybreak (心魔)

I went to watch At the End of Daybreak (心魔) last Friday in GSC 1 Utama. Before I go into the movie let me rant a bit here first. What I want to rant about is that the experience of watching this movie in GSC 1 Utama is the worst that I've ever experienced.

Firstly, the showtime stated to start on 7pm but it only started to show advertisement on 7.30 pm, and that's when one of the audience went out and complain. So, the movie only starts on 7.45 pm. This is where the problem starts, the next showtime is 9pm and the movie started 45 minutes late. So, the audience for 9pm show have to wait outside because the movie on 7pm haven't finish yet.

At about 8.15 pm the staffs were already talking in walkies-talkie inside the cinema. Hello, we the customer paid RM 10 to enjoy the movie not listening to you talk in the walkies-talkie. Then the worst came, near the end of the movie, the projection of the movie were abruptly cut. We offer course demand that we show the complete ending. All this while, the 9pm customers were all waiting outside the cineplex already. So, they rewind the film and back to 5 mins before the ending. After that I found out the moment where they cut it was just before the ending credits. So, very stupid for the staff to cut the projection abruptly, they could have let us go earlier if they don't cut it.

Okay, back to the movie. At the End of Daybreak (心魔) was directed by Ho Yuhang 何宇恒 , if you follow 15Malaysia short films, you'll know that he is also the director of Potong Saga.

This film also won quite a few International film festival award from the actresses. Especially Kara Hui (惠英红) who had won a few awards for Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress for her role in the movie.She won Best Supporting Actress in 46th Golden Horse Awards, Best Actress in the 16th Hong Kong Film Critics Society Awards, Best Supporting Actress in the 4th Asian Film Awards and nominated for Best Actress in the 29th Hong Kong Film Awards (which will be presenting this month) (update Kara Hui (惠英红) won Best Actress for Hong Kong Film Awards too). New comer Jane Ng Meng Hui 黄明慧 (she's also One FM DJ in the Morning Kaki show where she host the show with DJ Jeff) won the Best Newcomer in in the 4th Asian Film Awards.

This movie is about a mother (Kara Hui), a son (Chui Tien You) and a girl (Jane Ng). It all started out fairly bright, the son is going out with the girl. The girl is bullied in her high school. The girl's dad happens to be a teacher in the school. The mother of the son was divorced with the son's father because the father chose to leave with the mother's younger sister lol. Might sounds complicated here but YuHang made it fairly simple.

All are well, until the girl's parents found out about relationship of the son and the girl. They want to make police report and charge him with satutory rape. The girl is only 16 year old after all (by the way Jane Ng is already 27 year old :p). All the situation turns dark from here on. I won't want to give a spoiler here. So, you go watch and find out how it ends.

The acting of Kara Hui is proven to be a very seasoned actress. But I have to give credit to Chui Tien You because his acting is very good too. I wonder why he didn't get nominated. It's a nice and simple movie to watch without too much of special effect. It's only showing in 3 GSC Cinema from 1st of April until 7th of April in the International Screen. Yes for 1 week only. Go watch it now before it's too late.

Rating: 7.5/10

Trailer "The Son"

Trailer "The Girl"

Promo on the screening

At the End of Daybreak - a Ho Yuhang picture

Official Screening on 1st - 7th April 2010 in Malaysia

Exclusive at Golden Screen Cinema - GSC Mid Valley, GSC 1Utama(New Wing), GSC Pavilion KL
REMEMBER, only 7 Days!