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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Gizmodo Editor's Computers Seized by Police

Wow. Talk about something that you can blog and something you can't blog about. Apparently after posted about the "lost iPhone 4G prototype" that Gizmodo paid USD $5,000 for, the editor of, Jason Chen is now facing problem with the law.

Latest report from CNN that "Police seize computers from Gizmodo editor"

Snippets from CNN:

"A search warrant posted by Gizmodo says police on Friday seized computers, cameras, hard drives, business cards and computer servers from the home of Jason Chen, the site's editor who last week published details about Apple's unreleased smartphone.

The warrant, issued by a judge in California's San Mateo County, says police were able to raid Chen's home because they had reason to believe his computers were used to commit a felony. The warrant makes specific reference to the unreleased iPhone 4 and gives police the authority to look for e-mails and other documentation related to the gadget."

So, if it's something (source/prototype/etc) that one have gotten through informal ways and published it on the Internet, then one might have to face the consequences. This is especially true if you are dealing with patented technology products from big company such as Apple.

Well, I salute Jason Chen for his guts to publish what he want and know that his readers will want to read even though it could land himself in the hot soup. Hope Apple won't be too harsh on this issue, it's not Jason who lost the next generation iPhone prototype in the first place.


ahlost said...

Yearor.. He wasn't the one who lost the nextG iphone prototype in the first place bahhh.

Post about it pun salah ah? O.o

Matjoe said...

interesting entry. come one laa iphone, tak rugi laa setakat realase prototype

Kelvin said...

Lol, like tat oso can~

Simon Seow said...

Rose: yeah I know right. Hope Apple won't be too serious to take him to court.

Matjoe: lol they scare competitor will copy

Kelvin: anything can happen in this world.

Satkuru said...

free publicity for their upcoming phone i guess. too bad the victim had to be this fella