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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Fantasia - Zouk KL 5th Anniversary Bash

Thanks to Kel Li, I got invited to Zouk KL 5th Anniversary Bash with the name Fantasia. So, last Thursday on the 26th of March, I arrived at Zouk KL at about 8.40 p.m. VIP, media and invited guest will be allow to enter at about 9 p.m. and there will be free flow of whiskey and Heineken.

Soon Seng, me, Fuzz, David, Jen, Aaron, Yatz and Kel Li waiting to enter to Fantasia.

As more and more people gathered at the entrance, about 5 minutes after 9 p.m. the registration counter opens. We of course went in to the VIP/Media lane lol.

Us clubbers queuing for our entry pass.

Zouk KL is not joking when they put the party bash theme as Fantasia because I felt like I've walked in to a theme park with characters from Alice in the Wonderland, Mario Bros, and fantasy world.

We have dancers with colourful costume, clowns, man walking in high poles, and a lot more.

The clowns.

Ninja Spider?

I started with Terrace Bar, where the free flow drinks were served. Had a bottle of Heineken and then another glass of whiskey coke. As I was wandering around, I bumped into Dwayne. He then bring me to meet with Serene.

Coincidentally Serene and I wearing flower-ish clothes.

Yes. I am in Fantasia baby.

At about 10 p.m. we entered Zouk Club to kick off the party. There's free flow here from 10 p.m. to 11.30 p.m. ^_^

While I was downing my second glass of whiskey coke, Chris showed up in Zouk Club with Katherine.

With Joshua, Stan, Katherine, Chris and Soon Seng.

Nigel and I are so happy.

The DJ already spinning some cool club music, and everyone was happily dancing away.

I made my way to the bar to get whiskey on the rock for myself and Katherine. While queuing up to get the drinks, I saw a box fills with feather boas. So, I helped myself with one.

And this is how it looks like on me.

Sexy huh?

Jen and Kel Li then came over and took picture with me and the feather boa.

One way to attract girls to take picture with you is to wear a feather boa lol.

At about 11 p.m. Lap Sap joined with Point Blanc announced that it's time to launch the party. The bosses and staff of Zouk KL went on the stage to launch Zouk KL 5th birthday bash and then the pop the champagne, Lap Sap then spin their signatured music.

Lap Sap

Let the party begin.

I stayed and dance at Zouk. Then one of the colourful dancer came to me, then only I recognized that she's my friend Yikke. She's a professional dancer. About 15 minutes later, we adjourned to Velvet where it is playing retro music. I like retro.

Mambo Jumbo is the theme in Velvet that night. I then had some fun with my feather boa.

Kacauing Ren.

Fuzz having fun with the feather boa.

Yatz is not too happy with it lol.

We bumped into Fiqa in here too. She's seems to party a lot lately lol.

Fiqa and her friends.

Phuture is the next stop. DJ Goldfish and Point Blanc were dishing out some great music there.

Point Blanc

I went back to Velvet and bumped into Yikke and her dancer friends. Hence got his picture taken. Aren't they colourful?

I then wandered outside to take a break. Aaron was out there too, and I followed him to Terrace Bar where Nadia is having drinks with her friends. So, I sat down to rest. Joyce and Rudy came down to have Guinness from Aristo. I can't go into Aristo because I am not a VIP or Zouk Member T_T

Well, it's great fun that night. Having so many different clubbing rooms in one roof, no wonder Zouk KL is still going strong after five years of operation. I foresee a many more five years for Zouk. Happy Birthday Zouk KL!

I end this with a group picture at the entrance. Celine and Robert were in it. Jane, and Thomas were there too but I didn't bring camera so weren't able to take picture with them.

Photo credits to David, Nigel and Aaron from ShutterPulse. Also to Dwayne for picture of me and Serene.


Andrew said...

supposed to be there.. but.....~

§pinzer said...

your drink never made it to katherine hor hahahhaa.. she was wasted already towards the end, and i only saw your message in my car once i put her in it hahaha!

ahlost said...

Wow.. So envy.. KL has lots of events to go hor .. Hmm..