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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Star Trek: AMBP First Contact at Studio V

I am a regular visitor to Studio V these days. Mostly due to performance or interviews organized my my favourite Chinese radio station 988 FM. Today I got a message from All Malaysians Blogger Project that they will be doing their annual blogger gathering in Studio V, Rainforest, 1 Utama, which is pretty obvious because Studio V is owned by The Star and both 988 an AMBP is part of The Star group. If you're AMBP member, you would have know this event by now. Don't worry if you're not an AMBP member, just go and register yourself and you can join this gathering straight away. Be fast though, there's only 100 places available.

More info available here.


Date: May 1, 2009 (Friday, Labour Day)Time: 1.30pm onwardsVenue: Studio V & V2, 1 Utama (Rainforest, New Wing)Screening Venue: Hall 3, Golden Screen Cinemas, One Utama* *There will be full security at this screening and guests will not be allowed to bring in any recording and electronic devices i.e mobile phones, PDAs, notebooks etc

1.30pm Registration of guests and Movie Ticket Redemption
2.00pm Intro speeches, and activities highlight/Ice-breaking Games
2.15 pm Luncheon/Star Trek Trailers
2.45pm Gopher Product Intro Talk followed by Treasure Trek
3.00pm - 5.30pm Treasure TrekAMBP Interviews BloggersPhoto op with Star Trek Captain's ChairAuction of Star Trek Captain's ChairPhoto Session with Star Trek Characters(Studio V2)Fun time with Red FM
5.30pm Star Trek Trivia Challenge
6.00 pm Lucky Draw
6.20pm Prize Presentation: Treasure Trek /Trivia Challenge /Online Contest
6.45pm Usher guests to Cinema Hall
7.00pm Movie Screening

For Star Trek fans, this is a gathering not to be miss because you'll be able to take picture with the Star Trek Captain's New Chair and even buy it back to your home through auctioning. Remember to bring your check book or loads of cash lol.

Only 100 invites available, what're you waiting for now? Click here to participate.


DiEsE said...

I got wedding function that day..
*sniff* *sniff* *sniff*

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Lyle Gogh said...


jas said...

Just came out of the event yesterday and am one of the trekkie shown on the picture in the Star newspaper coverage today. Head over to for a reboot forum where star trek fans or non-fans sip their ratachino and cadassian sunrise to swap their views. good to have the bloggers there :) The movie "Star Trek" coming out May 7th is great and even non-fans is now shouting "living long and prosper" :)