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Monday, April 20, 2009

Tasty Pot, Sunway Mentari

Sunway Mentari can now be thought as a place for steamboat buffet because there are now so many similar restaurants opening there. So, competition is high and doing a normal steamboat buffet might not attract customer anymore unless you're the pioneer. This is why Wenny, the lady boss of Tasty Pot have to come up with interesting soup base for the steamboat. The soya clear soup base and the soya curry soup base.

Thanks to Timothy that arranged a food tasting session for us food bloggers. I was able to taste all the 6 soup base that were sold in Tasty Pot. The first thing that caught my eyes when I reached Tasty Pot is the whole lamb being roasted by the road side. I thought to myself,"Am I invited for the opening of this restaurant? But I don't see any flowers." Only later that I found out from Timothy that there will be one roast lamb roasted every day and it's included in the package.

Be sure to take the roast lamb early, if not you'll left with bones.

One of the most important factor except for the soup is the sauce that is available. Which pointed out by Rebecca, especially chili sauce. She tried all the four sauces available, while I only try the garlic chili sauce which is good enough to goes with the food that I cooked in the steamboat.

The third most important factor for a good steamboat meal is of course the raw ingredients. Tasty Pot has a lot of variety from greens, seafood, chicken, fish, fish balls, fu chuk, yong tao fu, mushrooms and many more.

What if I don't like to cook the raw ingredients in soup? Well, no problem there because I can always choose the ingredients that I like and send it to the grilling section. Even if you don't bring your selection to the sifu in grilling section, they are always grilling something. There's squid, bamboo clam, crab, prawn, si hum (cockle), sweet corn and almost any available raw ingredients can be grill here.

Okay, let us get back to the steamboat. There are herbal, tom yum, sze chuan hot & spicy, porridge, soya, and curry soya base soup. I get to try all six of them. Of all the soup base, my favourite is the soya and curry soya. Wenny told us that she learned the soya soup base from her aunt in Taiwan and did some minor modification herself. It is soya milk mixed with chicken broth. Oh by the way, Tasty Pot is a pork free and beef free restaurant.

One of my best choice that night is cooking the crab shell with roe in the soya soup base. It came out just right because the soup will not cover the 鲜 taste of the crab roe but compliment it nicely. Instead of coconut milk, soya milk was use in the curry soup base here. Ladies will surely like it because it's not as fattening as santan and much healthier. I don't feel jelak at all eating my tofu pok and fu chuk cooked in the curry soya soup.

The roast lamb is not bad too. Only black pepper sauce is available because mint sauce doesn't sells in bulk and it will be too costly to buy all in bottle. The grilled squid is best eaten with the green chili lime sauce. I like the way the squid is cut, it added an extra layer to the texture.

If you let the soya soup to cool down, you can make fu chuk (dried soya slice) out from the surface. Best to use the satay stick available from the grill section. No, there's no satay but there's sticks of sausages. Rebecca took a better picture of me with the fu chuk I made. A bit of warning for those who want to make the fu chuk, it is a bit salty, you might want to dip it into the sourish chili sauce before eating it.

There's also octopus and dried fish belly. Some of my favourite ingredients in a steamboat. With so many choices and on such a valued price. It's quite hard to find anymore. The best thing is that you down have to grill you own food which means no more super oily face.

As for dessert, there's Nyoya kuih and ice-cream. I think there's about 8 flavours to choose from if I remember correctly. Funny that I can't find any fruits there, finish already?

Oh, please do not waste your food, there's penalty in unfinished food.

To summarize it all, it's a great food outing with the foodies Timothy, Rebecca, Sidney, and Ken. Meeting Timothy and Ken for the first time, and Rebecca for the second time which I forgot that I met her in KY's Christmas Party last year for the first time. Sigh, I have such bad memory.

Overall Rating: 4/5

I personally recommend the soya soup and curry soya soup.


9, Jalan PJS 8/18,
Dataran Mentari,
Bandar Sunway,
46150 Petaling Jaya,
Selangor Darul Ehsan

Tel: 603 5630 1282
Business Hours: 12pm to 1am Daily

Map from their website here.

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email2me said...

Wah so fast can post up oledi ... lol .... So envy ....

ai wei said...

guess i have missed out a wonderful dinner with all bloggers. aiksss

how 's the pricing???

Wilson Ng said...

I misssssssed it!!!!

thenomadGourmand said...

wahh... so rajin!! mine is gonna take a while.hehehe

ahlost said...

Wahh.. evil post at this hour T__T

Simon Seow said...

Ken: I don't have so many food review as you mah

ai wei: shh..., I forgot

wilson: make sure you don't miss the one this saturday

rebecca: well, i kinda skipped my backlog lol

rose: no one ask you to continue to read from the previous post wor lol

sheryl0202 said...

i miss having steamboat!!!

CUMI & CIKI said...

choices choices choices.. so many ingredients to pick from!

Simon Seow said...

sheryl: singapore got steamboat too mah

Cumi: yeah, i have to forgo the fishball types.

june said...

price is around rm23

Anonymous said...

the most disgusting steamboat I have ever eat. The seafood is not fresh,

for example

1) stingray meat should be solid, but today is so soft and it smell funny.
2) the prawn smell funny too
3) Lala still have sand inside it, end up the whole pot is full of sand

Not many variety to choose from. The boss told us went we were seated down that they have 150 items to choose from but on the tables is less than 100, he also said got new zealand lamb, where got need to side order.

This shop is con man, why i tick on the menu chinese tea ice and it is written serve in pot but ended up they give me chinese tea ice serve in cup somemore charge us RM1 per cup.

I asked the boss but he tell us dont have wor… it is served in cup…. but i told him it is written serve in pot…. he just say sorry and walk away…

RM23.80 it is not worth it, the food quality is bad, not much choice to choose from, the service is bad, the soup base taste horrible.

I better pay a little bit more can eat shabu shabu buffet.