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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Funny Blackie

Not in the mood to write a long post. So, post up something funny that happened during Chinese New Year a few months ago. Even though nowadays there are not many people playing fire crackers during Chinese New Year but there will still be a few of your neighbours that will burn some during this once in a year celebration.

My pet dog, Blackie (crossbred between Labrador Retriever and ??) was outside the house when suddenly loud bang from the sounds of firecrackers started and continue for quite long. As you know, dog has very sensitive hearing, so a loud bang is like a pistol fired next to our ear.

Since, we locked the door, Blackie try to get our attention to let him in and get away from the loud sound, he stands on his two feet and show his face on the windows.

When we show no move of letting him into the house. He did this.

Hahaha. We found his reaction so funny. Poor Blackie.


Sholee said...

aiyoh let him in lah... so kesian

Your sis said...

Can't imagine that his huge head could squeezed through the window frame!!!

Simon Seow said...

Sholee: At that time he got too many fleas on him, so can't let him in :p

Sis: His head actually not very big geh

ken said...

so.. in the end also didn't let him in? haha.. cute expressions :)

jamie writes said...

he is so lovely... why don't you let him in?

Macrobid said...

So cute dog.HE is looking innocent.His neck is paining i guess.


reanaclaire said...

I also have a labrador retriever .. her name is Labbie.. hahaha.. but she is light brownish in colour.. like Blackie, she is very scared of crackers and thunder.. i think most dogs are scared of loud sounds.. yeah, like gunshots to them..

Simon Seow said...

ken: I think so lol

jamie: because he got fleas

Macrobid: no, his neck not pain because he can slid out easily

reanaclaire: yeah, coz dog's ears can detect a very wide range of sound