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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Hong Kong Disneyland

It took me this long to write about my trip to Hong Kong Disneyland is because I all the photos that I took here when my digital camera was pick pocketed during my visit to Ocean Park the next day. I was tired after coming back from Disneyland and didn't transfer the photos to my laptop. Sigh. I have to wait for my sister to upload the pictures from her camera. Alas, the picture I took with Buzz Lightyear is gone because I used my camera to take that picture T_T

At first, we thought of taking the MRT near the hotel at Jordan Station to Hong Kong Disneyland. Then the taxi driver that we hailed to go to the Airport Express told us that it will be almost the same fare for the six of us to take the cab directly to Hong Kong Disneyland. The fare came to about HKD165. This is because there's toll charges included.

This is my first time ever to visit Disneyland. Yes, I don't come from a rich family where my parents can take me to visit Disneyland in USA, Tokyo or Paris when I was small.

Bought 6 passes, two children and four adults. Have to thanks my brother-in-law for this. Photos are taken using my Nokia E7 (it's not officially mine yet at that time, I was still reviewing it for Maxis10 Reviewers Programme)

Queuing up for Orbitron ride

I sat with my nephew Noah and bro-in-law sat with Ruth

Queuing for another ride. This time is driving a slow car at Autopia.

Had lunch at Tomorrowland.

I can't help but buy myself a souvenir.

Say hello to Goofy.

There's one ride that one must try at Tomorrowland and that will be Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters. Damn fun this ride. You'll be riding in a moving tram that you can turn 180 degrees and shoot the props there with infra-red gun. If you were able to hit the target it will respond to it. Finally you'll be able to battle with Evil Emperor Zurg.

Even adults will have so much fun in this ride.

After Tomorowland, we planned to go to Fantasyland next. The five of them my mom, my sis, bro-in-law, niece and nephew went on first because I was queuing up to take picture with Buzz Lightyear. T_T no more picture of him and me.

As I was walking to Fantasyland, I got blocked by the Disney Parade. This is one of the ultimate attraction in Disneyland that one must not miss. You'll be able to see almost every main characters in every Disney movie ever made. Of course this includes Mickey and his gang.



Winnie the Pooh

Picture don't do justice. Watch the Disney Parade in 720p High Definition video.

After the Disney Parade finished, we got to Fantasyland. On the way, I bought some popcorn. We then start with Mad Hatter Tea Cups ride. Then we went to Fantasy Garden to take pictures with some of the Disney characters. Every half an hour there will be a change of character there in the four of the pavilions. If you are lucky, you might be able to take picture with 4 different characters every half an hour.

We took pictures with Winnie the Pooh.

Daisy Duck is going for a rest when we finished with Winnie, so no luck taking picture with her.

Taking her place is Pluto!

In the next pavilion, there's Goofy. He's very mischievous -_-

If you are not a fan of Winnie the Pooh. I will recommend that you avoid The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh ride. Firstly, the queue will be damn long. We waited like an hour to get to the ride, unless you've purchased express pass. Secondly, there's nothing special really about this ride, you just it in a tram and it move one round reading the story from Winne the Pooh. We regretted queuing so long for such a lame ride.

In Fantasyland, you must go watch the 4D show in Mickey Philharmagic. This one, sure you won't regret and the queue is not that long.

It's almost dark after we've done with Fantasyland. So, we have to give Adventureland a miss because the children were already tired. Next time I'll just go to Adventureland first lol. We had dinner in Plaza Inn (owned by Maxim's Group) in Main Street, U.S.A before we go home. We also didn't wait for the fireworks display.

It's time to go home and here's how Main Street, U.S.A looks like at night.

Goodbye Hong Kong Disneyland

We decided to take the MRT back to hotel just because we wanted to see the train with Mickey Mouse's shape windows :p Even the MRT station here feels like we're still living in a Disney movie.

Some hit and misses there on the ride. I'll come back again I promised to explore more.