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Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Wild Rocket Ham Sandwich Strikes Back

After doing a somewhat lower budget version of my Wild Rocket Ham Sandwich a few weeks ago. I decided it is just not right to leave it at there. That is why two weeks ago when my salary is out, I went to shop for the essentials for my true version of the Wild Rocket Ham Sandwich.

Sandwich Ham, yes this time the square shape sandwich ham is available. Nicely fitting on a piece of wholemeal bread.

As for bread, I go healthier a bit by going for Anzen 18 Organic Grains bread. It's high in fiber and cost only RM 1.50 more than a loaf of Gardenia or High 5 wholemeal bread. I like the texture of the grains on the soft bread.

Of course, our main attraction, Wild Rocket. This time I didn't put in the freezer, so it's still dry and crunchy.

As for dressing, I use Coleman's English Mustard. A tad bit more expensive than other brand but I will say that this is what English Mustard is really suppose to be like. A tinge of spiciness like Wasabi but not spicy until you till breath fire through your nose.

Some of you might have noticed that I didn't spread butter on the bread. Yes, with this combination, butter will only weaken the chemistry between the ham, wild rocket and English mustard.

Not really too hungry at that time, so I just made a double decker. This is one of my favourite combination for sandwich. What's your favourite when you make your own sandwich at home?


Nava Krishnan said...

lovely sandwich for a light meal but how hard I try, bread is not my type of food.

Your sis said...

Bro,next time try roasted chicken,rocket with mango(or other)chutney.It's yummier than ham!

Simon Seow said...

Nava: I eat bread not too often also lol

Sis: I'll try it next time when I have the moolah

TunieCVenus said...

I thought so last time. The Mille crepe of Nadeje was something I won't miss every time I visit Malacca since end of 2009 or early 2010. LoL
Till I saw a Mille crepe at The Opera, Sunway Giza. Now, You can order the whole cake and shared it with yr friends at a party or gathering bck here ntime. ^o^.