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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

7aste Queenstown, Ecoba, Damansara Perdana

Many of you that is in my Facebook and follows me on Twitter will know that I update a lot on 7aste Queenstown event. Finally, last Friday is the final leg for 7aste Queenstown which happened in Ecoba, Damansara Perdana. The two previous leg was done in Johor Bahru and Penang.

Arriving early has it's advantage of getting a nice spot.

Got the VIP access. I can invite my friends to come with me and there's a table reserved for invited bloggers.

I should have waited for the finger foods to be served before I order this diluted carbonara. Sigh. Wasted my RM18.

Masquerade mask. I gave it to Wilee not long after this picture has been taken.

Wilee dressed like an OL lol.

MC of the night came out and this mark the party's going to start.

This is BenDan. Why in the world will someone called herself 笨蛋? :P Just kiddinglah.

A failed camwhore (I accidentally zoomed) with Jiayeen that turned out to be a nice face shot.

Met a few new faces to 7aste. Like Jolyn here.

Can't resist to take a picture like this.

Theme of this 7aste is Queenstown, New Zealand. Hakka Dance is of course one of the performance.

I then went to "Coronet Peak" for a game of skiing.

All dressed up and ready to ski.

Well, the skiing is actually skiing on Wii. The 7 fastest player will win some great prizes. The top will win iPad2. There's also prizes like Beats Headphone, Nintendo DS, and PSP.

Bumped into Kate after I've done with my skiing. I made it to the 7th place but later got kicked out by players with better time.

Jazzed up the night with some jazz performance.

Bloggers will be bloggers. Clevermunkey is stil sober here, I think. :p

That girl in green is very camera sensitive.

Brought along my cousin Joyce and her friend.

With my friend Elvin. I think I already drank 4 or 5 bottles of Carlsberg at this stage. Look at my face.

Taking picture of Jackie taking BenDan.

Her name is Iris. Hope I spelled it correctly.

Guess who's this?

Now I know what's the mask is for.

Bumped into Nicole that I didn't meet for quite sometime. She and Casey were queuing up to play the skiing game. They got a very bad experience in the tent when there's some bitch smoking inside and the cigarette bud hit Nicole's feet. Sigh, some people are just so selfish.

Late in the event, some of the usual suspects were finally appearing.

Like Isabella here.

And, of course, Esther.

Also Helenness, my favourite person when it comes to Hennessy Artistry events.

It was fun meeting up with the bloggers there even though I didn't win anything. Can't wait for the next 7aste event. Which city we'll be going next?


Wilee Tee said...

nice seeing you again! :D

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