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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Dylan Dog: Dead of Night

Dylan Dog is a private investigator just like any other P.I. handling jobs like missing pets, catching the wife/husband cheating on the spouse and etc. He however was not doing this normal P.I. stuff in the past. He is the appointed investigator to handle business for the undead. Yes, you read that right, undead like vampires, werewolves and zombies. Something happened in the past that made him stayed out of the business of the undead.

Not until a mysterious murder happened and that the murdered victim's daughter hire Dylan to investigate the murder. At first Dylan is not going to take the case but something happened and he takes on the case. He have to fight off vampires, werewolves and do business with zombies.

That was my summary of the plot, don't want to give too much and spoil the movie for you. Dylan Dog (Brandon Routh of Superman Returns). I didn't watch Superman Returns so not sure about his performance in that movie but he's kind of "kayu" in this movie. He does make some sarcastic joke but he just lack the charisma like Brandon Fraser.

The client, Elizabeth (Anita Briem). Well, she's okay. Just okay.

Dylan uses some ancient tools to investigate case of the undead.

What good does a hero P.I. do without a sidekick comic relief. Dylan's sidekick Gabriel (Peter Stormare whom also starred in Superman Returns as Jimmy Olsen) gave this movie a good boost. Without him, this movie might be quite boring.

The vampire showing his true form. Hmm..reminds me of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Some of the actions sequence are quite nice but I was dissapointed by the final boss fight. It's just like that. Yupe, I was thinking,"Just like that?" Ah, well, if you miss those good old P.I. movie with the narrations done by the lead himself, like Dick Tracy. Then this movie help to give you a fix of craving for those P.I. movie.

Rating: 6/10

Watch the trailer of Dylan Dog: Dead of Night in HD. Opens in Malaysian cinemas on 9th June 2011.