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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

You Might Magically Win A Samsung Galaxy Ace!

No kidding. If you are a frequent clubbers in Zouk you might recognize this guy named Zlwin. He's the resident magician there. He magically came up with a contest that will let you win a Samsung Galaxy Ace.

The sleek Samsung Galaxy Ace offers a full Android experience. And trust me, once you go Android, you never go back. Equipped with a 5 megapixel camera with LED flash, and a wide 3.5" TFT screen, you will have superb pictures both on and off phone screen. The awesome thing about the Samsung Galaxy Ace is the stylish design with ergonomic grip, so that it doesn't slip of your palm easily like many slim touch screen phones.

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There are 6 units of Samsung Galaxy Ace to be won.

How to win?

Check out Samsung U-nivez facebook and answer a few questions based on Zlwin's magic


Watch this video and explain how the phone came to life!
The first person with a unique and closest answer stands a chance to win a Galaxy Ace!
If you think you know what to say, click here to join the contest!


Watch the video and LISTEN carefully!
How many times did Zlwin mention camera and if you win, how will you use your Ace?
Give your answer in the comment box in Samsung U-nivez Facebook Page and get as many friends to 'LIKE' your answer.
The Samsung fan with the correct answer and the most 'LIKE' wins a Samsung Galaxy Ace!


WATCH and LISTEN closely to Zlwin in the video!
Tag 5 of your friends
Answer this question - "How many times was the lighter flicked in the video?"
The Samsung fan with the correct answer and the most 'LIKE' wins a Samsung Galaxy Ace!Complete this slogan - Galaxy Ace light up my life because....
Place your tags and answers in the Samsung U-nivez Facebook Page comment box!

Winners will be selected based on the correct answer and most creative slogan!

There's a total of 6 videos to screw your mind over so keep updated at their Facebook page or

Which video do you think you have the answers to? Galaxy Ace 1? Galaxy Ace 2? Or why not give it a try for all!

Click on any of the links below to place your answers!

Galaxy Ace 1 -
Galaxy Ace 2 -
Galaxy Ace 3 -

Contest ends on 30th April 2011, so hurry up!!