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Monday, April 25, 2011

I Will Come As Sammo Hung to HyypTV Bloggers Party

Oh. It's been a while that I didn't take part in any bloggers event from Nuffnang. So, to take part in this party for the celebration of UniFi’s 1st Anniversary with 60,000 Hypp Subscriptions.

If I were to get invited to the party, I'll come dressed up as Sammo Hung. The reason is quite simple, I won't have to do much because my size is almost the same as him lol. Also, I admired him to be a very professional movie actor. He do most of his own stunts and fighting scene, even with his large size he can very very agile.

He still continued to contribute to Hong Kong movie by not only acting but doing the choreography of the fighting scences too even though by now he can retire and live a very comfortable life. He just recently won the Best Choreography award for the movie Ip Man 2 from the 30th Hong Kong Film Awards.

Next, why I deserve to be invited to this exclusive bloggers’ party? Quite simple too, I am one of the 60,000 happy HyypTV subscribers when I subscribe to UNIFI VIP5 package last December. I love that I can watch the local TV stations through HyypTV in crystal clear picture without the distortion that I got when I was using aerial antenna.

I am so happy that from 24th March to 30th April I get to watch all the 26 HyppTV premium Channels for free. Some of my favourite premium channels are BBC Lifestyle (MasterChef series), BBC Knowledge (Top Gear), Fox Crime HD (CSI, Bones) and Universal HD (House). I might subscribe to one or two of the premium channels after the free viewing ends. More good news is that Royal Wedding of HRH Prince William & Kate Middleton LIVE on BBC Knowledge. So being a loyal customer to UNIFI and HyypTV, I deserve to be invited :p

If HyypTV will be able to get the license for ESPN HD too then I think there will be more people who'll subscribe to this. ;)


MissBlueNeeNee said...

I can't join this event... :(

Simon Seow said...

Aww..don't worry, there will more to come ;)