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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Lounge 2011

It's back! This time much it is much bigger and grander than last year. Yes, it's Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Lounge 2011. While last year, the party is limited within a building, this time it's a whole big ground setup with a huge tent near Palace of the Golden Horses. The only downside is the distance of the venue to my house. Well, I "Don't Drink and Drive" anyway, not much of a problem :p

It's free flow of Johnnie Walker whole night long. There were servicing staffs going around with Johnnie Walker mixes. Each table have two bottles of Johnnie Walker plus mixer. Finished a bottle? No worry, just ask the staff there to refill you with a whole new bottle. Wah lau, where to get wor.

The whole night there are different DJs spinning the wheel with cool club mix. Of course the star DJ of the night DJ Bento is the last one to spin the music.

The beautiful Hannah Tan came back all the way from Japan to host this event (or maybe she's scare of the radiation :p, just kidding Hannah)

Hannah: You're so funny Simon, heeheehee.

Besides the music, the booze, the DJs and the host. The best thing is of course the crowd there. I met quite a lot of beautiful bloggers there that night.

My first victim, Michelle :p

Sorry Louise, I am bad in recognizing faces.

Jamie Liew, nice coloured cons.

Nuffy Michelle and her baby, Nicholas

All the way from Sabah, Karen is in da house.

Jacqkie, why you look so garang? :p

Ah, I'm feeling so Fresh

Welcome to the Cin City.

Instead of the Chong sisters, I took pic with the Chua Sisters.

More bacons girls!

Christie, I'll remember from now on.

Looking yummilicious there Rebecca.

Such gorgeous eyes you got there, Esther.

Finally, meet Esther's BFF, Shantee.

When are we going makan in Pan Heong again, Hitomi?

Jessy, why always cover your left eye? :p

My Nikon Coolpix S8100 battery died on me. So, have to make use of my Nokia E7 phone camera.

Miss Keju Tan with her Mimimaos look?

Audrey, you look taller here.

Where have you been, Jestina? So long didn't bump into you adi.

Please don't copyher.

Hello there, Wilee.

Too bad, Lewis Hamilton have to make his practice rounds and can't come to this great party. He apologized to us through the video.

"Enjoy yourself people." - Lewis Hamilton.

It's a great event, one of the best I've been to yet this year. What? I only take picture with girls, you said? Of course not. Wait for my next post. It's all about guys I met at Johnnie Walker Balck Circuit Lounge 2011.

I can come to this prestigious event because of my blog. Love blogging and technology? Learn more at accredited degrees.

Remember! "Never Drink and Drive"

Update: Post Event Video