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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tiffany & Co presents the Debut of The Official Lounge: Malaysia Grand Prix 2011

Last week concludes the F1 Malaysian Grand Prix 2011 week. Congratulation to Sebastian Vettel of Red Bull racing team for winning in this leg of the race in Sepang International Circuit. During the 3 days of the race, there were parties going on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights.

I went to the Debut of The Official Lounge: Malaysia Grand Prix 2011 last Friday night that happened at Pulse at Grand Millennium (previously known as Regent Hotel). What's more, this party is presented by Tiffany & Co, which means some of their prestige jewelery will be on display and modeled by some of the models there. I was half an hour late so I didn't get to see the modeling part.

The combined value here can buy a very decent European car.

Let us look closer to the diamond rings. Better not let your girl friend or wife see these.

Which of these 3 rings you like most?

The best part of the night is that you can try on the jewelery on display with the help of the professional staff from Tiffany & Co. Try try also shiok mah.

Shannon wearing the diamond necklace that is worth RM 31,000.

We can get a great view of Fahrenheit 88 from here.

Joey G was the host that night. He also spun the disc later.

Some of our local celebrities were there too and dressed elegantly.

I didn't know that Tiffany & Co also has very nice diamond watches.

Nikel, Joshua and Shannon are getting bored because there's nothing to do there lol. The Tiffany & Co jewelery were kept back to the safe. Nothing much to do except drinking Kronenbourg 1664 which was bought by Carlsberg which also owns Grimbenger.


The Nuffies only came after Shannon left.

Spot your Nuffy.

I am the only one wearing a F1 related shirt that night. -_-

What's a party without a beautiful DJ?

Can you believe it, it's almost 1 a.m. and there are still so many cars there. Only then I found out it's because there's a F1 concert going on in KLCC.

I went to Imbi to have supper before I go home because of the traffic. More on the supper in the next post.


reanaclaire said...

wow..very classy and nice! said...

nice to meet u there, simon ! haha... nice post !

Simon Seow said...

reanaclaire: Tiffany & Co. mah

entaukia: thanks ;)