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Friday, January 14, 2011

Kita no Zen (北の膳), Hokkaido Ichiba, The Gardens, Mid Valley City

A few months back I tried the the macha ice-cream in Hokkaido Ice-cream at Hokkaido Ichiba. I promised myself to come back again for Kita no Zen to try out the Japanese cuisine as I had my eyes on the Sanshoku Don (Three Colour Rice Bowl). So, last month I did go to Kita no Zen and fulfilled that promise.

It was a public holiday on the day I went. Dinner time is open at 6p.m. Like most Japanese restaurant, they have a break in between lunch and dinner. It was quite a spontaneous decision to dine here so I didn't bring my digital camera. The pictures here were taken using my 3 MegaPixels phone camera.

The deco in Kita no Zen has a very pleasant ambiance. It's very relaxing and quiet when the customers are not that many. By 7p.m. the place was packed and new customers have to queue for a table. Business is brisk here, so come early on weekend or public holiday to avoid queuing.

Sanshoku Don 三色丼 (RM 38++)

Sanshoku Don 三色丼 roughly translate to 3 colours rice bowl. It doesn't mean that the rice has three colours. It's because there are salmon roe (red?), sea urchin (orange?), and hokkaido king crab (white?) on top of sushi rice in a bowl. The ingredients are very fresh. It can never go wrong when fresh ingredients were used in a dish like this. This one dish satisfied my craving for salmon fish roe and sea urchin. The only down side is that the portion is a bit small. I want more salmon fish roe and sea urchin please :p

Rating: 4/5

Ankimo Ponzu (Monk fish liver in vinegar sauce) (RM 18++)

I tried Ankimo before when I ate in TomTon, The Central, Singapore way back in 2008. The Ankimo Ponzu is in the seasonal menu so you might not find it in the menu when the season is gone. This is like eating a goose liver pate. Couple with the sourish vinegar sauce which takes away the fishiness in the ankimo. An alternate and healthier version of goose liver pate? The price here is cheaper than TomTon which charge SGD $15 for the Ankimo.

Rating: 4/5

Avocado Tofu Yakko (RM 12++)

I also ordered Avocado Tofu Yakko so that I will have a non-meat dish and of course I have a weakness for avocado. I really love the textures of this combination when I put a piece of tofu and avocado each into my mouth. The tofu is very soft and the avocado is semi soft, so one can feel a few layers of different textures when biting into it. A very special kind of combination. I love it. Maybe I am too biased over avocado dish :P

Rating: 4.25/5


Kita no Zen, Hokkaido Iciba
T-201, 3rd Floor,
The Gardens,
Mid Valley City,
Lingkaran Syed Putra,
59200 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: (03) 2283 1060 /Fax: (03) 2283 3060

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jolene said...

one day i'll go try

Sandy said...

I tried before, i like their Ramen...

Simon Seow said...

Jolene: Tell me how is it after you do it.

Sandy: I rarely try ramen is a Japanese restaurant like this.

ai wei said...

have yet to makan here ler

Simon Seow said...

Can go try but I think quite similar with other Japanese restaurant by Super Dining group.