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Friday, January 7, 2011

Inventing My Own iPad Application for Maxis

Okay. If I have the necessary to make my own iPad Application for Maxis, I of course will make an app that is related to food. Why? I like to eat nice and good food. In the current health conscious society, people are watching what kind of food they put into their mouth. I myself need to shed off some weight and cut back on the sugar intake.

Thus, I create iDiet Manager. Let me breakdown to what the iDiet Manager can do to help those people that will like to keep count on what they are eating.

Firstly, the user can enter their height and weight to calculate their Body Mass Index. Then, the app will have questionaire on their health history for the user to answer, just choose yes or no. For example, "Diabetic?", "Hypertension?","Low blood sugar?" and etc.

Maxis contest participant badge

Based on the information collected iDiet Manager will search through it's database and recommend the diet plan for the user. There might be a few choices for the user to choose. For example, the user is a bit over weight and need to lose some weight. The app might come up with Dr. Atkin's Diet, Low calory diet, High Fiber Diet or Five Colours Diet. User can choose one to follow.

After choosing the specific diet plan, iDiet Manager will generate the eating plan for the user and recommend what food the user can eat for the dieting period. If user prefer to cook his or her own meal, there's a ton of recipe that is available or if the user wants to dine outside. He/She just have to enter their location to dine and iDiet will generate a list of restaurants near the proximity that is serving food that match the dieting objective. For example, if the user is a vegetarian then iDiet Manager will list out restaurants that serve vegetarian food.

User don't have to worry about keeping count of calories because iDiet Manager stored the the amount of calories of each food and it is updated everyday for new food. User can update their progress such as weight loss or weight gain, a lower or higher blood sugar level or a lower or higher blood pressure level. Based on this, iDiet Manager might do some adjustment to the diet plan so that the diet goal is reach. For example, a user with diabetes that is following a Diabetic Diet might have the diet plan modified to all day oatmeal if the blood sugar level shot up.

User is recommended to nominate one or two family member or friend to be their monitor. Progress will be email to the monitor(s). In terms, the monitor will help give motivation or keep the user in toe on the diet plan. In the end, an app is just an app if there's no human interaction. If the user is making good progress, iDiet Manager will recommend a celebration meal that the user can eat freely, maybe cheesecake or a steak. iDiet Manager is here to help those that like to maintain a healthy lifestyle and yet do not want to give up.

That's my idea of my own iPad Application for Maxis. By the way, if you're thinking of getting an iPad, you can check out Maxis iPad Plans:

All plans come with Micro-SIM card.

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