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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Doreen Loo's Facebook Got Hacked, For A While

Those of you that followed the poodle puppy abuser Facebook video that has spread widely will know that netizens found out the girl that is video taping the video's Facebook is Doreen Loo. I was checking my FB and saw a Rojaks shared a link saying that Doreen Loo's Facebook has been hacked and has the privacy settings all set to Everyone.

True enough, once I got into her Facebook, I got to view all her wall comments, browse her photo albums and search for friends in her list. I went through some of the comments on her wall and photo album. Mostly written in Chinese. All of the comments were left just less hour ago, and most of them are scoldings, some even in Chinese vulgar words.

Some of the comments in her FB's Wall:

Comments in her photo album:

I can browse and look at the photo album even though I am not in her friend list.

I saw one comment there saying the album with Sushi the poodle in it was uploaded in July 2010. Hence, the rumour that Sushi died three years ago might not be true.

Then it is widely speculated that the culprit (Doreen's ex boyfriend) is Alan Champ which is in Doreen's friend list. There's still no concrit proof that the culprit is Alan but someone already posted his name and even home address on Facebook.

While what they did is wrong, I think all this is better to leave it to SPCA and the authorities and not takes thing into our own hand like leaving vulgar comment and spreading unconfirmed news. If I am Doreen Loo, I think it is better to contact SPCA to clear things off once and for all and also make a press statement to the media. I wish that Sushi is still alive and healthy and SPCA and the authorities get into this case as soon as possible so that the rumours won't turn into something uglier. Peace.