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Friday, January 21, 2011


Dwayne The Rock Johnson is back in another movie. This time is a more serious role unlike the role of a tooth fairy in well in Tooth Fairy. In Faster, he is Driver. After doing his time in the prison for a bank robbery, he's out to get his revenge on the people that killed or indirectly killed his brother.

Dwayne Johnson as Driver

Having the list of the where about of his enemies, he hunted them one by one. The police too are on his tail as they started to figured out what's he's doing. The Cop (Billy Bob Thorton) seems to have great interest in pursuing him.

Killer first encounter with Driver

One of Driver's enemy hired a overachieving psychotic Killer (Oliver Jackson-Cohen) to take him down before he can reach him. But I think the Killer is more of a comic relief rather than a direct protagonist to the Driver. I'm sure Ninie Ahmad will like the scene where the Killer shows off his yoga asanas. He boasted that only a handful of yogin in the world can do the asanas he did.

Cop in the crime scene

I won't tell you in the end did Driver succeed to taking revenge for his brother or he is killed by the Killer or arrested by the Cop. You'll have to watch the movie to find out. Overall, Dwayne Johnson's acting has improved a bit. The story well kind of cliche but still has a bit of twist in it. Worth a watch in the cinema.

Rating: 7/10