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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Kazokutei (家族亭) at Tokyo Walker, Plaza Singapura, Singapore

Following another recommendation from Nic, I made my way to Plaza Singapura and went up to 4th floor to look for Tokyo Walker. The concept here is similar to Itadakimasu in Parco Millenia Walk, grouping a few Japanese restaurant in the same area. The different here is that most of the Japanese concept restaurants in Tokyo Walker seems to be part of Ajisen Group.

Tired of eating tonkatsu or ramen, I opted for the specialty restaurant in handmade udon, Kazokutei

In the menu here there are explanation on the origins of udon and there are a few ways to prepare the udon. Traditionally there are two method, the Kokudashi Udon(Eastern Flavour) and the (Western Flavour). Dried bonito is used to make the soup for Eastern Flavour Udon while Western Flavour prefer to use konbu (sea tangle).

Surprisingly I opted for neither of the flavour, instead I ordered a Wagyu Beef Shabu Shabu set (SGD $14.80++) that comes with udon cooked in boiled water. Yupe. Just boiled water. So that I can taste the natural taste of the wheat in the udon.

Shabu shabu set comes with a pot of broth that's filled with cabbages, enoki, shitake, tofu and Japanese leek. This will gives a natural sweetness to the broth. There is of course a burner under the pot to keep it hot so that I can swish and swash my wagyu beef slice until the done-ness that I like.

What I do is just count 1,2,3 and dipped the wagyu slice into the goma (sesame) sauce and put it into my mouth. It's food orgasm. How I wish I have the budget to order extra portion for the wagyu slice.

Of course the main star here is the handmade udon. Served in a bamboo bucket in hot water. I tried the udon first without dipping it into the soya broth given. Honestly, I am not a udon person because the udon that I had tasted always turned out very soggy but the udon here is quite springy and you can almost taste the freshness of the wheat used to make it. This udon, I like.

Dipping the udon into the soya broth will gives it a new level of taste. Both way also I don't mind, so one mouth with the dipping then the second without the dipping. It's a very good meal of udon and wagyu beef for just SGD $14.80. I wondered whether I can get it here in Malaysia with that kind of price.

Rating: 4/5

I will sure come back to try more udon given the chance next time.


Kazokutei (家族亭)
#04-01 Tokyo Walker, Plaza Singapura
68 Orchard Road
Tel: +65 6333 9285

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Anonymous said...

Just visited this restaurant and don't think I will go back again. The service is very bad and the manager is one fat chap who behaves like ah Beng and looks like he wants to fight with you when speaking to you. Atrocious. And the seafood cream udon is terrible. Very bland and overpriced with the very small amount of udon in the bowl.