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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Indulge in the Uniquely Singapore experience

I've visited Singapore a few times before, mainly because my sister, brother-in-law and my mum are living there. So, do I get bored going there so many times? Of course not, there's so many interesting places that I still haven't go yet in Singapore, not to mention interesting food that I haven't try yet. The few times that I went, I didn't manage yet to go to Sentosa or ride on Singapore Flyer. I went to Sentosa once when I was still a kid but I heard there's a lot of new attraction added recently such as the Sky Tower , Underwater World Singapore, and Sentosa 4D Magix. There are still a lot of of attractions that I might not know of. That is why I should be given an opportunity to experience the rich blend in culture, cuisine, arts and architecture of Singapore. Then I can blog about it and help promote tourism in Singapore. :p

If given the opportunity to plan for a 1-day itinerary trip visiting Singapore. Most probably it'll be like this:

Picture source here.

Arriving at Changi Airport eight in the morning. Before checking out, of course I'll do a bit of shopping for gifts to my sister, brother-in-law, my mum, my niece, and my nephew. Booze, chocolate and vitamins checked. I'll just take the MRT from Changi Airport to Tampines and from there take a bus to my sister's place which is just opposite Changi Prison. This might takes about 20 minutes. Oh, having an EZ-Link card will be more convenient while traveling on public transportation in Singapore. It's something like our Touch'nGO card in Malaysia but with more usage like buying drinks from vending machine and other cashless payment in participating merchants. So, if it's your first time going to Singapore and you plan to travel by public transportation, getting an EZ-Link card is a must.

At Tampines Mall (the Tampines Station is just in front of Tampines Mall), I'll go to Ya Kun there for my breakfast. I just love their kaya toast. Nothing like a nice local Singaporean breakfast to starts the day before all the traveling.

Picture source here.

After the scrumptious breakfast, most likely the time will be about 9.30 a.m. I'll take a bus from Tampines to go to my sister's place first to drop down my luggage. It only takes 15 minutes to reach her place that is just opposite Changi Prison. After dropping all the things, at 10 a.m. I'll take a taxi from Changi Prison and go to Takashimaya in Orchard Road. Time for shopping!!!

Oh, using the expressway I will be able to see Singapore Flyer.

Harrods in Takashimaya, Ngee Ann City.

Shopping for girls, 8 hours is still not enough but for a guy like me 2 hours is more than enough. Ah, how time flies, it's already noon. This means time for lunch. There's many eateries in shopping center in Orchard Road. I can go to Food Republic that has a lot of choices of local Singaporean hawker food or even to Tonkichi in Takashimaya for their buta katsu (Japanese fried pork chop) but alas I craved for the Ah Kow die die must try bak chor mee (minced pork noodle) in Hong Lim Market. Bak chor mee is a Uniquely Singapore hawker food that you can't find elsewhere that's why 1-day trip must die die go eat. I'll take the MRT from Orchard Road Station to Chinatown Station. Do some sight seeing in Chinatown while walking towards Hong Market is fun. Maybe I will buy some bak gua (pork jerky) on the way.

Hong Lim Bak Chor mee. One bowl is not enough but have to save space for other nice food.

Burp..After devouring the bowl of delicious bak chor mee, why stop there? Walk back to Chinatown (need the exercise to burn the calories) from Hong Lim Market to go to Mei Heong Yuen for their dessert. I especially like their walnut paste, I can't find it in Malaysia.

Spoil for choice.

Estimated time is now 3 p.m. Since there's time to kill before dinner (omg, thinking about dinner already?) I'll take the MRT to Habour Front and take the ferry to go to Underwater World Singapore in Sentosa for a relaxing tour of the aquarium after half a day of non stop traveling.

Picture source here.

After a fun filled and knowledgeable discovery of the underwater world creatures. I will travel to Clarke Quay. Estimating reaching there about 6 p.m. I've tried the Reverse Bungee Jump once in Clarke Quay when I was here 3 years ago. It was fun and exciting riding it. Once you're up on the air, you can see the bird eye view of Clarke Quay, even though for a few seconds, it's beautiful. So, the first thing I do when I reach Clarke Quay will be riding the Reverse Bungee Jump.

After the tossing up and down on the Reverse Bungee Jump, it's time to pay tribute to the five temple (stomach). Walk over to The Central which is nearby Clarke Quay. Inside Central are a lot of nice restaurants, there's Western, Japanese, Korean, German, and more than I can remember. It's like an International food arena here. I of course will be going to one particular Japanese restaurant here that serve up delicious buta katsu using Berkshire Pig (Black Pig) meat imported. TomTon is where I'll be having my dinner. This place was even recommended by Choi Lan (蔡瀾), a famous food critic from Hong Kong.

Dinner at TomTon.

I estimate that I'll finish dinner around 8p.m. and hey the night is still young. It's time to chill and party in the night at Clarke Quay. Before going to Clarke Quay, let's stop by Azabu Sabo for two scoops of Hokkaido ice-cream. This ice-cream stall is at Central facing the river between Clarke Quay and Central.

It's very popular.

Yummy Hokkaido ice-cream.

So, back to Clarke Quay again. There are a lot of nightspot in Clarke Quay that one can choose. There's a lounge named Clinic which all the the furniture and decoration look like the hospital's bed, wheel chair and drink is serve using syringe. In Clarke Quay, we also can find the first Hooters in Asia. I don't think Hooters will be opening in Malaysia soon.


Hooters girl.

The place that I really want to try out is Brewerkz. Why? Beer!!! Freshly brewed beer from their own microbrewery in the restaurant. Brewerkz has an outlet in Riverside Point, which is within walking distance from Clarke Quay.

Picture source here.

After a few rounds a fresh beer. I can opt to go back to my sister's place or take the taxi to Geylang for supper. Black pepper crab and claypot kung po frog seems nice. Depending whether I am tire or not, the supper is optional. Ah, 1 day is really not enough to tour Singapore.

Hope I can take more days off, so that I can...

Indulge in the Uniquely Singapore experience.


Anonymous said...

Hooter girl. Love it~!

Never been to Underwater World Singapore. Maybe should try one of these days, of course when not too busy.

p/s: Let's join our Blogging Community Malaysia Boleh!

Anonymous said...

wah ... nonstop indulgence.
the buta pork chop tasted good? looks a little dry though.

Simon Seow said...

James: It's very nice ;)

Hayley said...

the Hokkaido ice cream looks very nice! are they available in Msia??

Simon Seow said...

Hayley: I don't think so the ice-cream is available in Malaysia. I didn't see or heard anything yet.

ahlost said...

Wow.. great post..

I want to try that ice cream.. :(

Simon Seow said...

Rose: Fly to Singapore and buy lor.

Anonymous said...

Ah~ memories... I used to spend lots of time at my granny's which was right opposite the Changi prison, now replaced with a row of bungalows/semi-ds. Her place occupied a lengthy and huge area... maybe your sister's place was from a section there, or one of the neighbours...